Apple for the first time ranked first in popularity of smartphones among residents of Moscow


Samsung removed from the pedestal

Analysts of the MTS operator studied and analyzed the devices used by subscribers in the capital region. The most popular brand among Muscovites in 2022 was Apple, and the most common model among Moscow residents was the iPhone 11.

Generated by the Midjourney neural network
Generated by the Midjourney neural network

Analysts stressed that Apple for the first time managed to take first place in terms of the number of MTS subscribers in Moscow. Among Muscovites, almost every third (28%) uses an iPhone. Previously, Korean Samsung dominated Moscow. However, in 2022, Samsung’s user base dropped by 2% to 26%, with Apple taking the lead.

Third place belongs to Xiaomi and sponsored brands with a share of 22%, Honor is fourth with 10%, and Realme is in fifth with 2%.

Full top 10 smartphones in the MTS network in the Moscow region in 2022:

  1. iPhone 11.
  2. iPhone 7.
  3. iPhone XR 64.
  4. Redmi 9A.
  5. Samsung Galaxy A12.
  6. Samsung Galaxy A51.
  7. Redmi 9C.
  8. iPhone 12.
  9. Samsung Galaxy A50.
  10. Redmi Note 8 Pro.
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