Apple Prepares Brand New Health Tracking Products


Apple Prepares Brand New Health Tracking Products

According to data found online, Apple is looking for a senior project manager for the Apple Health Hardware group, which is part of Apple’s Health Technologies division. The announcement states that Apple is developing healthcare products other than the Apple Watch and that it needs specialists for that. Unlike Beddit sleep trackers, these products will be marketed directly under the Apple brand.

Apple Health

Apple Health Technologies is a team of engineers and developers who are involved in a wide range of initiatives, as well as developing products and services such as Fitness +. A senior engineering project manager at Apple Health Hardware is expected to oversee new product development, vendor relations, and event marketing.

The vacancy announcement emphasizes the applicant’s willingness to participate in the development of new products and ensure the preparation of factories for production. The latter may indicate that several new health monitoring products are already in the final stages of development and are preparing for mass production.

Apple is increasingly interested in innovations in health and sports. Until now, Apple has relied on the iPhone and Apple Watch for most of its health management functions, but with the launch of the HealthKit platform, it’s reasonable to assume that the Californian company will offer users a wider range of products. As a reminder, HealthKit currently supports a number of third-party products, including smart scales, blood pressure monitors, thermometers, and more. It is likely that Apple will soon present its vision of these devices.