Apple to Sue for Collecting Customers’ Personal Data

At the same time, the company states that it does not store personal data.

Apple has been sued for promising users privacy but failing to provide it. The lawsuit, on behalf of Julie Sim, alleges that Apple collects data from iPhone customers, despite the fact that the device settings indicate that the information should not be transferred.

Apple records consumers’ personal information and activities on its consumer mobile devices and applications, even after users have explicitly indicated through Apple’s mobile device settings that they do not want their data and information to be shared. This is a huge amount of data that Apple collects and uses for its own financial gain.

Julie Sima


The lawsuit cites a study published last November by the Mysk development team that alleged that Apple collects analytics data even if iPhone users have set preferences to prevent data collection. These findings led to a similar lawsuit shortly after they appeared, as well as another similar case filed earlier this month.

A previous study by Oxford University scientists published in April 2022 made similar claims. The researchers allege that Apple is engaging in invasive data practices similar to those it bans from third parties, in defiance of consumer expectations and marketing slogans.

The complaint cites Apple’s advertising campaign slogans such as “Privacy. It’s an iPhone”, “What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone”, and “Your iPhone knows a lot about you. And we don’t.”

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