Apple wants its car to revolutionize sound?


To ensure that the sound is always and for everyone of the highest quality

Apple is working on some brand new sound system for its first car. This solution is described by several patents received by the Cupertino giant. 

Apple Cars
Apple Cars

For example, one of them describes a system that deals with speakers in the headrests of chairs. The essence of the idea is that the system tracks the position of a person’s head and adjusts the sound accordingly. This is done so that the sound remains unchanged regardless of how exactly the person is sitting now. 

Apple wants its car to revolutionize sound?

Another patent describes a system with speakers in the car doors. This implies setting the sound depending on whether the doors are open or closed. 

There is also a patent that describes the orientation of the soundstage for indoors, and the latter refers specifically to the car. The goal here is to provide the same sound quality to all people in the car.  

In general, it is clear that Apple pays a lot of attention to the sound in its upcoming car.  

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