Apple will significantly improve cameras in upcoming iPhones


Last updated on August 5th, 2023 at 06:14 pm

Apple will significantly improve cameras in upcoming iPhones

Analysts at the British bank Barclays said in a fresh note to investors that all four iPhone 13 (or 12S) models will receive noticeably improved ultra-wide-angle cameras. Their aperture will be f / 1.8 compared to f / 2.4 in the iPhone 12.

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Authoritative analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared this information in November last year. However, he claimed that only the Pro versions of the upcoming iPhones will get the updated camera. Kuo suggested that basic versions of the iPhone will only receive improved ultra-wide-angle cameras in 2022.

A wider aperture will allow more light to pass through the lens, which in turn will dramatically improve the quality of your ultra-wide-angle camera in low light. Barclays also speculates that the iPhone 13 Pro will receive an advanced telephoto lens currently available in the iPhone 12 Pro Max. This is expected to bring profits to Cirrus Logic, which will supply Apple with a new camera controller.

It is expected that this year, as in the past, Apple will release four versions of the flagship smartphone, which will be presented in the same sizes as modifications of the iPhone 12. The presentation of the new iPhone is expected in September this year.

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