Apple’s “Crush!” Ad Crumbles: Social Media Backlash Prompts Apology


Apple, a company synonymous with innovation and design, recently found itself in hot water after the release of a promotional video for its latest iPad Pro. The ad, titled “Crush!”, aimed to showcase the versatility of the new iPad Pro as the ultimate creative tool. However, the execution backfired spectacularly, sparking outrage on social media and prompting a public apology from Apple. This article delves into the details of the ad, the reasons behind the backlash, and Apple’s response.

Apple's Crush Ad Crumbles
Apple’s Crush Ad Crumbles

“Crush!”: A Controversial Vision of Creativity

The “Crush!” ad features a series of artistic tools, including musical instruments, paint brushes, and books, being relentlessly crushed by a hydraulic press. The unsettling imagery culminates with a sleek new iPad Pro emerging unscathed, suggesting it can replace all these traditional creative tools.

While the ad undoubtedly seeks to highlight the iPad Pro’s power and versatility, the violent destruction of artistic implements struck a nerve with many viewers. Social media erupted in criticism, with users accusing Apple of trivializing the value of traditional creative mediums and stifling artistic expression.

Fueling the Fire: Social Media Ignites

The controversy surrounding the ad escalated when Apple CEO Tim Cook shared it on social media, praising the iPad Pro’s creative potential. Many viewers found Cook’s post-tone-deaf, further amplifying the backlash.

Prominent figures in the creative community added their voices to the chorus of discontent. Award-winning actor Hugh Grant called the ad “The destruction of the human experience. Courtesy of Silicon Valley,” while director and actress Justine Bateman questioned Cook’s judgment, stating, “Truly, what is wrong with you?”

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Apple Backtracks: An Apology and Missed Opportunity

Faced with mounting criticism, Apple was quick to acknowledge its misstep. Tor Myhren, Apple’s VP of Marketing Communications, issued a statement expressing regret and acknowledging the ad’s shortcomings. Myhren emphasized Apple’s commitment to empowering creative expression and the company’s dedication to celebrating the diverse ways users employ iPads.

While Apple has removed the ad from television rotation, it remains available on YouTube. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of understanding audience sentiment and ensuring marketing campaigns resonate with consumers.

Missed Opportunities in Creative Storytelling

The “Crush!” ad highlights a missed opportunity for Apple to showcase the iPad Pro’s ability to coexist and enhance traditional creative workflows, rather than replace them entirely. Many artists seamlessly integrate digital tools with physical mediums, and a more nuanced portrayal would have likely garnered a more positive response.

Apple could have presented the iPad Pro as a powerful tool that empowers artists to explore new frontiers of creativity, pushing the boundaries of their artistic expression.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What was the main criticism surrounding Apple’s “Crush!” ad?

A: The ad was criticized for portraying the iPad Pro as a replacement for traditional creative tools, rather than a tool that could complement and enhance them. The violent destruction of artistic mediums was seen as disrespectful to the artistic process.

Q: What was Apple’s response to the backlash?

A: Apple apologized for the ad, admitting that they “missed the mark.” They emphasized their commitment to supporting creativity and celebrating the diverse ways users express themselves through the iPad.

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Q: Is the “Crush!” ad still available?

A: Yes, the ad remains available on YouTube, although Apple has confirmed it will not be aired on television.