Apple’s mixed reality headset will ‘far outperform’ the competition

And it will be announced in June.

Resource The Wall Street Journal claims that Apple will indeed introduce a mixed reality headset at the WWDC 2023 event in early June. True, the device will appear on sale much later. 


Due to some technical problems, the mass production of the product will not begin before September, which means it may begin later. However, there is no information about when the headset will be on sale. If production starts in September, Apple may have time to launch sales by the Christmas season, but if the release is adjusted later, then it may have to wait until the beginning of 2024

Apple’s mixed reality headset will ‘far outperform’ the competition

The source says Apple’s headset will “far outperform” the competition, but it’s unclear exactly how. According to the latest data, the device will be focused on entertainment, sports and communication, but, again, there are no specific details yet. In addition, rumors say that the price is $ 3,000 and that even Apple itself does not expect big sales. 

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