Atomic Heart Gets Another Dose of Discount Cheer


Calling all thrill-seekers and fans of action-packed adventures! Atomic Heart, the highly anticipated first-person shooter from Mundfish, is back on sale! This is your chance to delve into a captivating world brimming with post-apocalyptic intrigue and intense combat, at a fraction of the usual price. However, before you jump in, there are some key things to consider.

Atomic Heart Gets
Atomic Heart Gets

A World Reborn…or Not?

Atomic Heart transports players to an alternate reality USSR in the 1950s. Science and technology have taken a fantastical leap forward, resulting in the creation of powerful robots and other advanced technologies. However, something has gone terribly wrong. You take on the role of P-3, a special agent tasked with investigating a top-secret facility where things have taken a nightmarish turn.

A Feast for the Eyes…and Maybe Nightmares?

The game boasts a stunning visual style, blending Soviet-era architecture with biomechanical monstrosities and futuristic weaponry. The world is richly detailed, offering both a sense of awe and a disturbing glimpse into a dystopian future.

Blast Your Way Through (But Not in All Regions)

Atomic Heart offers intense first-person shooter gameplay. Players will need to master a variety of weapons, from traditional firearms to futuristic energy blasts, to survive the onslaught of mutated creatures and rogue robots. The game also incorporates RPG elements, allowing players to upgrade their skills and abilities to become a more formidable force.

A Note on Regional Availability

It’s important to note that Atomic Heart is currently unavailable for purchase on PC via Steam in Russia and the CIS region. However, gamers in these regions can still access the game through the VK Play service.

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Time for Treasure Hunting: Discounts and DLC

This latest sale offers significant discounts on the base game and various downloadable content (DLC). Here’s a breakdown of the current offerings on VK Play (prices in Russian rubles):

  • Atomic Heart: 1249 rubles (instead of 2499) – A hefty discount of over 50%!
  • Atomic Heart Gold Edition: 1599 rubles (instead of 3199) – This edition includes the base game and bonus content.
  • Atomic Heart Premium Edition: 1799 rubles (instead of 3599) – The most comprehensive package, offering the base game, all bonus content, and potential future DLC.
  • Atomic Heart Atomic Pass add-on set: 989 rubles (instead of 1499) – This bundle grants access to multiple DLC packs.

A Look at the DLC Landscape

Currently, only one DLC pack, “Annihilation Instinct” (or “Instinct of Extermination”), is available at a discounted price of 319 rubles (originally 399 rubles). Another DLC pack, “Trapped in Limbo” (or “Prisoner of Limbo”), hasn’t received a discount yet. At least two more DLC packs are expected to be released in the future.


Q: How much is Atomic Heart on sale for?

A: The base game is currently discounted to 1249 rubles on VK Play (originally 2499 rubles).

Q: Can I buy Atomic Heart on Steam?

A: As of June 2024, Atomic Heart is not available for purchase on PC via Steam in Russia and the CIS region.

Q: What DLC is available for Atomic Heart?

A: Currently, only one DLC pack, “Annihilation Instinct,” is available for purchase. Another DLC pack, “Trapped in Limbo,” and at least two more are expected in the future.