Attention Maruti Nexa Shoppers! April Deals Up for Grabs (Valid Until April 17th Only)


Maruti Suzuki is enticing customers with exciting deals on its Nexa range of vehicles for the month of April 2024. However, these offers are only valid until April 17th, so if you’ve been eyeing a new Maruti Nexa car, act fast to take advantage of these savings!

This article provides a comprehensive breakdown of the discounts and benefits available on popular Nexa models like the Baleno, Grand Vitara, Jimny, and Fronx.

Attention Maruti Nexa Shoppers
Attention Maruti Nexa Shoppers

Model-wise Breakdown of Maruti Nexa April Discounts (Valid Until April 17th)

Baleno: The ever-popular Baleno hatchback sees significant savings across its variants. Here’s a detailed look at the offered benefits:

  • Cash Discount: Up to Rs 35,000 (Applicable to AMT variants)
  • Exchange Bonus: Rs 15,000
  • Corporate Discount: Rs 7,000
  • Total Benefits: Up to Rs 57,000 (For AMT variants)

Important Note: The cash discount reduces to Rs 30,000 for Baleno variants with a manual gearbox. Additionally, buyers can opt for the scrappage bonus of Rs 20,000 instead of the exchange bonus.

Maruti Baleno Price Range: Rs 6.66 lakh – Rs 9.88 lakh (ex-showroom)

Baleno CNG: For those considering the eco-friendly CNG variant, Maruti offers a cash discount of Rs 10,000 along with the option of either the exchange bonus or the scrappage bonus. It’s important to note that the Baleno CNG doesn’t qualify for the corporate discount.

Grand Vitara Steals the Show with Hybrid Savings

The recently launched Maruti Grand Vitara, particularly its strong-hybrid variants, boasts the most significant savings this month. Let’s explore the breakdown:

  • Cash Discount: Up to Rs 30,000
  • Exchange Bonus: Up to Rs 50,000
  • Corporate Discount: Rs 7,000
  • Total Benefits: Up to Rs 87,000 (Applicable to Strong Hybrid variants)
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Key Points to Consider:

  • The maximum discounts are applicable to the strong-hybrid variants of the Grand Vitara, starting from Rs 18.43 lakh (ex-showroom).
  • Maruti offers the highest scrappage bonus of Rs 55,000 on the strong-hybrid variants.
  • Cash discount reduces by Rs 5,000, and exchange/scrappage bonus reduces by Rs 20,000 for higher-spec Zeta and Alpha variants (including AWD) of the petrol-only Grand Vitara.
  • Mid-spec Delta variant receives a cash discount of Rs 20,000, an exchange bonus of Rs 30,000, and a corporate discount of Rs 7,000.
  • The base-spec Sigma variant only qualifies for the corporate discount of Rs 7,000.

Maruti Grand Vitara Price Range: Rs 10.80 lakh – Rs 20.09 lakh (ex-showroom)

Jimny and Fronx Get in on the Action

Maruti’s off-roading champion, the Jimny, and the stylish Fronx crossover also benefit from attractive offers this month. Here’s a quick summary:


  • Cash Discount: Rs 50,000
  • Exchange Bonus: Not Applicable
  • Corporate Discount: Rs 7,000
  • Total Benefits: Up to Rs 57,000

Important Note: The Jimny doesn’t come with an exchange bonus or scrappage bonus option.

Jimny Price Range: Rs 12.74 lakh – Rs 14.95 lakh (ex-showroom)


  • Cash Discount: Up to Rs 15,000 (For regular petrol variants) & Up to Rs 22,000 (For turbo variants)
  • Exchange Bonus: Rs 10,000
  • Corporate Discount: Rs 7,000
  • Total Benefits: Up to Rs 32,000 (For regular petrol variants) & Up to Rs 39,000 (For turbo variants)


What is the deadline to avail of these Maruti Nexa April Discounts?

These offers are valid only until April 17th, 2024.

Which Nexa model offers the highest total benefits this month?

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The strong-hybrid variants of the Grand Vitara boast the maximum total benefits of up to Rs 87,000.

Does the Maruti Baleno CNG qualify for the corporate discount?

No, the Maruti Baleno CNG variant is not eligible for the corporate discount.

What is the difference between the exchange bonus and the scrappage bonus?

The exchange bonus applies when you trade in your existing car for a new Maruti Nexa vehicle. The scrappage bonus is offered when you scrap your old, out-of-commission car in exchange for a new Maruti Nexa car.

I’m interested in the Maruti Fronx. What additional benefit comes with the turbo variants?

The turbo variants of the Fronx come with the Velocity Edition accessory kit worth Rs 43,000 on top of the regular cash discount.

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