Audi matches Tesla in electric vehicle development


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:21 pm

Audi matches Tesla in electric vehicle development

Audi’s new CEO, Markus Duesmann, believes the American car company Tesla is led by a wide margin in some critical areas of electric vehicle production.


He noted in an interview with Reuters last week that Tesla’s electric vehicles have larger batteries, and that Tesla is two years ahead of other automakers in terms of computing and software architecture, as well as the adoption of autonomous driving technology.

To close the gap, Düsmann has created a new group to develop “an innovative model for Audi quickly and without red tape ”. This will allow you to avoid a cumbersome bureaucratic process and move in startup mode, imitating Tesla.

The new group, dubbed Artemis, has set itself the goal of developing “a highly efficient electric vehicle that should hit the road in 2024. “

Tesla’s electric vehicles lead the industry in terms of efficiency, while Audi’s first electric vehicle, the e-Tron, is far behind in terms of efficiency.

On the software side, Volkswagen – Audi’s parent company – has had a lot of problems with its own ID.3 software, and has admitted that Tesla is leading the way.

In early 2020, Volkswagen’s new software development team even adopted a plan that the company called “Tesla catch-up plan” (a plan to bridge the gap with Tesla).

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