Nubia Red Magic TWS Wireless In-Ear Headphones with LED Lighting


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:21 pm

Nubia Red Magic TWS Wireless In-Ear Headphones with LED Lighting

The Nubia brand, in addition to the gaming-grade Red Magic 5S smartphone and smartwatch Watch, has announced a series of headphones, including the fully wireless submersible Red Magic TWS model.


The novelty belongs to the game type. The special Low-Latency Mode provides a latency of only 39ms when communicating with Nubia Red Magic smartphones.

The scope of delivery includes independent in-ear modules for the left and right ear and an accompanying charging case. The total battery life reaches 20 hours.

The earbuds received an aggressive design and LED backlighting. The Nubia Red Magic TWS kit will be available for an estimated price of $ 45.

In addition, the Red Magic Wired Gaming Earphones and Red Magic Neckband Gaming Bluetooth Headphones have been announced. The first of the named headphones use a wired connection to the signal source: versions with a standard 3.5 mm connector and a USB Type-C connector will be available. The price of both modifications is about $ 15.

The Red Magic Neckband Gaming Bluetooth Headphones, in turn, is designed as a necklace to be worn around the neck. Bluetooth wireless communication is supported; a mode of operation with a delay of 39 ms is implemented. This device is priced at $ 60. 

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