Avtotor will launch its electric car in series in 2024


They will start with one model, but in the future a whole range of electric vehicles is promised

Avtotor is already assembling an inexpensive gasoline sedan Kaiyi E5 (aka Chery Arrizo 7), production of models from other Chinese companies – BAIC and DongFeng – is expected to start soon, but the company will also produce a car of its own design – with an electric power plant. And it will get on the conveyor pretty soon.

electric car
electric car
“ The production of the “pilot” batch is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2023. The start of industrial production is the first quarter of 2024. Avtotor’s long-term plans include  the production of a wide range of electric vehicles targeted at various market segments, ” the company said.
What model is in question is unknown. In December last year, Avtotor showed a project of a compact Yantar electric car of its own design (pictured), but whether it will become the manufacturer’s first mass-produced electric car, or whether the plant will launch something less niche into production, it will be clear by the end of the year.
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