AvtoVAZ will have a lot of rest


Plant employees will go on an 11-day vacation in April, and in May they will work for only two and a half weeks, after which they will go on vacation again.

According to Atypical AvtoVAZ on the VKontakte social network, AvtoVAZ employees will go on an 11-day vacation in April.

The last working day of April at AvtoVAZ will be the 28th. The plant will return to work only on May 10. Such a schedule was planned here last year. First, AvtoVAZ, together with the whole country, will go to the May Day holidays. After their completion, from May 2 to May 5, VAZ employees will be in the first part of their unified corporate vacation. The 11-day rest at the plant will end with a nationwide weekend and the Victory Day.


It is reported that during these 11 days it is planned to carry out repairs and maintenance of equipment at the plant. Some of the workers may be employed in the completion of incomplete vehicles.

Recall, AvtoVAZ previously confirmed that the corporate vacation, planned for July, will take place much earlier – from May 29 to June 19. That is, in May the plant will work for only two and a half weeks.

“Atypical AvtoVAZ” in the past was the first to report the resumption of production of Lada Niva, incomplete Lada Granta and complete set of “Moskvich 3”.

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