Be quiet! Shadow rock 3 white


It is almost entirely white.

Be quiet! announced the sale of the Shadow Rock 3 White processor cooling system. This is a variation of the Shadow Rock 3 model, presented at the beginning of the year, as the name implies, painted white. Only the Shadow Wings 2 PWM fan and part of the casing covering the top of the aluminum radiator remained black.

Shadow rock 3
Shadow Rock 3

Be quiet! Shadow rock 3 white

The heatsink fins are strung on five 6mm copper heat pipes that directly contact the processor cover. And this is another place where white gives way to another – the natural color of copper.

The fan speed is controlled by PWM. The maximum speed of 1600 rpm corresponds to a noise level of 24.4 dBA.

The cooling system be quiet! Shadow Rock 3 White is compatible with AMD AM3 and AM3 + and AM4 processors, and LGA 1200, 2066, 115x, 2011 and 2011-3 Intel processors. The main thing is that the TDP value does not exceed 190 W. With dimensions 121 x 130 x 163 mm, the cooler weighs 0.71 kg.

Be quiet! Sales Shadow Rock 3 White is due to start on October 27 at 72 Dollars. As a reminder, the original model costs 58 Dollars.



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