Beat the Heat: Hyundai India’s Summer Service Camp Keeps Your Car Cool and Composed


As the Indian summer descends upon us, with its scorching temperatures and relentless sunshine, keeping your car cool and functioning optimally becomes a top priority. Fortunately, Hyundai India is here to help with their annual Summer Service Camp, offering a comprehensive range of services designed to ensure your vehicle is prepared to battle the heat. This article delves into everything you need to know about the Hyundai Summer Service Camp, including the services offered, the available discounts, and how to take advantage of this timely program.

Keeping Your Hyundai Cool: Free AC Checkup and Special Discounts

Hyundai’s Summer Service Camp understands the crucial role a well-functioning air conditioning system plays in maintaining a comfortable driving experience during the sweltering summer months. That’s why they’re offering a free AC checkup as part of the service camp. This comprehensive check ensures your car’s AC system is operating efficiently, identifying any potential issues before they escalate into major problems.

Hyundai India's Summer Service Camp
Hyundai India’s Summer Service Camp

Beyond the free AC checkup, the Summer Service Camp offers a variety of attractive discounts to incentivize car owners to get their vehicles serviced and prepared for the summer:

10% Discount on Specific AC Parts: If your AC checkup reveals the need for replacement parts, you can benefit from a 10% discount on specific AC components, helping you save money on essential repairs.

15% Discount on AC Servicing: A thorough AC service is vital for maintaining optimal cooling performance. The Summer Service Camp offers a 15% discount on AC servicing, making it a cost-effective way to ensure your car’s AC system is operating at its peak.

Additional Service and Maintenance Discounts: The Summer Service Camp extends beyond just your AC system. Hyundai is also offering a 15% discount on several other services, including:

  • Wheel Alignment & Balancing
  • AC Refrigerant Filling
  • AC Disinfectant
  • Interior/Exterior Beautification
  • Dry Wash

Important Note: The 15% discount on mechanical labor is only applicable when opting for a Periodic Maintenance Service (PMS).

Remember: It’s always advisable to contact your nearest authorized Hyundai service center to confirm the exact service inclusions and discount applicability for your specific car model.

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Why Choose Hyundai’s Summer Service Camp?

There are several compelling reasons to consider taking advantage of Hyundai’s Summer Service Camp:

Peace of Mind: A comprehensive service ensures your car is in top shape to handle the demanding summer conditions. The free AC checkup and other service options address potential issues before they become major problems, preventing breakdowns and ensuring a safer, more enjoyable driving experience.

Enhanced Performance: Regular maintenance, including AC service, wheel alignment, and balancing, contributes to optimal vehicle performance. A well-maintained car delivers better fuel efficiency and a smoother driving experience.

Cost Savings: The Summer Service Camp offers a combination of free services and attractive discounts, helping you save money on essential car care during the summer months. This allows you to keep your car cool and comfortable without breaking the bank.

Convenience: Authorized Hyundai service centers are conveniently located across India, making it easy to find a location near you and schedule your Summer Service Camp appointment.

Hyundai’s Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Hyundai India’s Summer Service Camp is a testament to their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. By offering this comprehensive and value-driven program, they’re proactively helping their customers keep their vehicles in top condition during a challenging season. This dedication to customer care fosters loyalty and trust, solidifying Hyundai’s position as a leading automaker in the Indian market.

Beyond the Summer Service Camp: Additional Resources for Hyundai Owners

Hyundai India offers a variety of resources and services to support their customers:

Doorstep Car Service: For added convenience, Hyundai offers a doorstep car service program, allowing you to schedule a service appointment and have qualified technicians visit your location to perform the necessary maintenance.

Check Car Service History: Keeping track of your car’s service history is crucial for maintaining its long-term health. Hyundai provides online tools that allow you to easily access your car’s service history, ensuring informed decisions regarding future maintenance needs.

Explore the Hyundai India Website: The Hyundai India website is a valuable resource for car owners, offering comprehensive information on their entire vehicle portfolio, specifications, features, and service options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the Hyundai Summer Service Camp taking place?

A: The Hyundai Summer Service Camp is a limited-time event, running from March 27th, 2024, to April 7th, 2024. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your car prepped for the summer heat!

Q: What services are included in the Summer Service Camp?

A: The Summer Service Camp offers a free AC checkup as the core service. Additionally, they provide discounts on various services, including AC servicing, specific AC parts, wheel alignment & balancing, AC refrigerant filling, AC disinfectant, interior/exterior detailing, dry wash, and mechanical labor (with PMS).

Q: How much do the discounts offered at the Summer Service Camp save me?

A: The discounts vary depending on the service, but they typically range from 10% to 15%. These discounts can translate to significant savings, especially when considering multiple services.

Q: Do I need an appointment for the Summer Service Camp?

A: While appointments are not mandatory, they are highly recommended to ensure minimal waiting time. You can contact your nearest authorized Hyundai service center to schedule an appointment.

Q: Is the Summer Service Camp available for all Hyundai car models?

A: The Summer Service Camp is generally applicable to most Hyundai car models sold in India. However, it’s always best to confirm with your local authorized service center to ensure specific service inclusions and discount applicability for your car model.

Q: What if my car requires repairs beyond the services offered in the Summer Service Camp?

A: Authorized Hyundai service centers are equipped to handle a wide range of repairs. If your car requires additional repairs beyond the Summer Service Camp offerings, qualified technicians will diagnose the issue and provide you with a detailed estimate before proceeding.