Best unique functions of Oppo smartphones

Do we want to buy an Oppo phone? Let’s see together the unique features of these Android smartphones

Among the new generation phones increasingly popular in Italy and in the world we also find those from Oppo, a rapidly expanding Chinese house that aims to provide all its customers with youthful-looking phones, with an optimized operating system and a duration of superior battery than the competition.

unique functions of Oppo phones
unique functions of Oppo phones

Users undecided whether to buy an Oppo phone have found the right guide for them: in the following chapters, we can see the best unique functions of Oppo phones, so that they immediately know what to expect differently on an Oppo phone compared to other phones from more famous manufacturers. The best Oppo phones can be viewed directly from AmAZon

Custom color-based themes

The ColorOS operating system, present on all Oppos, allows you to create a custom theme taking inspiration from the background used at that precise moment. To take advantage of the functionality, all we have to do is open the Settings menu, go to the Personalization menu, press the Colors item and finally press the Choose color from the background item.

We will then be able to choose the colors to apply to the phone directly from the background, creating a unique and personal theme.

Integrated translation

On ColorOS there is a handyman toolbar that can be called up from the right edge of the screen; among the functions present in this bar we find Translate Screen, which uses the power of the translation engine seen on Google Lens to translate any web page, any document or any PDF on the fly as we scroll the page.

Definitely, a good alternative to the Google Translate app, since it is accessible with a simple swipe from the right edge and translates everything well.

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Video playback in the background

The function that allows you to play video in the background is not original (it is also present on Xiaomi for example) but it is a feature that is always in great demand by users, who can continue to listen to the audio of the video in the background while responding to a message on WhatsApp, perhaps even turning off the screen during playback.

To use this function, all we have to do is start playing a video in the browser or an app, swipe from the right edge of the phone (to open the toolbar), and press Play in the background.

Shares nearby

When we share a file, a photo, or a video, a button will be available at the top of the Share menu to immediately activate sharing nearby. In this way, you can immediately send the files to a friend or relative without having to go through the chat apps or without having to upload the file to the cloud.

Microphone and camera indicators and quick keys

When we use an app that has access to the phone’s microphone or camera, we will see the icons appear at the top of the notification bar, as a privacy notice; in addition, we can deactivate the permissions for the microphone and camera on the fly by opening the quick key menu and pressing the Camera Access and Microphone Access keys.

Rough sharing of location

If the app we started requires permissions to access the location of the phone, ColorOS will protect access to such dangerous permission for privacy, providing only the approximate location of the phone (obtained by triangulating the cellular signal). Those who want to unblock the exact location for a particular app will need to access the Permissions menu in the Settings app.

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Private lock screen notifications

If we have locked the phone and we receive a notification, the screen will light up and show the preview of the notification on the lock screen only if it recognizes our face (which must be registered as the phone unlock system).

This prevents strangers or curious people from reading the preview of the notifications we receive on the phone, too often readable on other phones even without having to unlock the screen. 

Quick bubble for games

If we play our favorite game and go back to the home or open a notification, the game can be paused thanks to the Quick Return Bubble function, which will reduce the game in the foreground to a bubble; to return to the game just press on the bubble and start again from where we left off.

This feature can be activated from the Settings menu and can be configured for all games available on Android.


Oppo phones have a very neat, clean operating system with the right customizations, so as not to spoil the pure Android experience but enrich it with functions that people want on their phone without having to download apps every time. The functions present on the Oppos are quite original and difficult to find on other devices (perhaps only the Xiaomi have similar functions), thus making the choice of a phone of this brand very advantageous.

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