Bio-Rad Expands StarBright Dye Lineup with 29 New Antibody Markers


A Leap Forward in Flow Cytometry Research

Bio-Rad Laboratories, a pioneer in life sciences and clinical diagnostics, has recently unveiled its latest addition, StarBright Red 670, along with 29 new antibody markers. These markers are conjugated to existing StarBright Blue 700 and StarBright Violet 610 Dyes.

Bio-Rad extends range of antibody markers conjugated to StarBright Dyes
Bio-Rad extends the range of antibody markers conjugated to StarBright Dyes

Expanding the Horizon: New Targets for Diverse Species

The new range doesn’t just stop at human and mouse targets. It also includes markers for dogs, cows, and pigs, thereby broadening the scope for veterinary immunology research.

Technical Excellence: Features that Set StarBright Dyes Apart

StarBright Dyes
StarBright Dyes

Bio-Rad’s StarBright Dyes are known for their exceptional brightness and precise resolution. They are compatible with Bio-Rad’s ZE5 Cell Analyzer S3e Ceorter, and most other flow cytometers. What sets them apart is their minimal lot-to-lot variation and resistance to photobleaching, ensuring consistent and reliable results.

A Word from the Experts

Mike Blundell, PhD, Product Manager for Flow Cytometry at Bio-Rad, stated, “Our extended range now offers the largest series of dyes for conventional and full-spectrum flow cytometry. This expansion allows for greater flexibility in designing multicolor flow cytometry panels, especially in veterinary research.”

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