Biocon Biologics Successfully Integrates Viatris Biosimilars North America Business


Strengthening Global Presence in Biosimilars Industry

In a significant stride towards expanding its global footprint, Biocon Biologics has completed the integration of Viatris Biosimilars’ business in North America, encompassing the United States and Canada. This transition, effective since September 1, 2023, reinforces Biocon Biologics’ position as a leader in the global biosimilars sector, providing end-to-end capabilities to patients and customers.

The acquisition of Viatris Biosimilars’ global biosimilars business, a long-term partner of Biocon Biologics, was finalized in November 2022. Since then, Biocon Biologics has executed a robust integration plan to ensure a seamless transition of partners, people, systems, and processes.

Viatris Biosimilars
Viatris Biosimilars

Shreehas Tambe, CEO & Managing Director, of Biocon Biologics Ltd, stated, “Our successful transition in North America marks the second phase of integrating Viatris Biosimilars’ business, following Emerging Markets and ahead of schedule. We will now lead commercial operations in the United States and Canada on a global scale. This will empower Biocon Biologics to expand the availability of our high-quality biosimilars, offering more accessible and affordable treatment options for diabetes, cancer, and autoimmune diseases, and venturing into new therapeutic areas like ophthalmology.”

Biocon Biologics has been a trailblazer in the industry, achieving several “firsts,” including the approval of trastuzumab, bPegfilgrastim, and interchangeable bGlargine in the United States. Serving over 5.7 million patients annually, Biocon Biologics boasts a comprehensive portfolio of in-market and in-development biosimilars across multiple therapies. In the United States, it has four biosimilars, and in Canada, six, with a robust pipeline of 20 biosimilar assets, spanning insulins and monoclonal antibodies across various therapy areas.

With the successful integration in North America, Biocon Biologics’ existing commercialized biosimilars, namely Ogiviri® (bTrastuzumab), Fulphila® (bPegfilgrastim), Semglee® (Insulin Glargine), and Hulio®* (bAdalimumab), are now incorporated into its commercial organization in the United States. Additionally, Kirsty®(Aspart) and Abevmy® (Bevacizumab) will be available in Canada.

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Matthew Erick, Chief Commercial Officer – Advanced Markets, Biocon Biologics Ltd, emphasized, “As a fully integrated biosimilar company, we take pride in our exclusive focus on biosimilars. With this significant achievement, we are delivering deep expertise, commitment, and ongoing investment to advance biosimilars across the entire value chain, from innovation to ensuring a robust global supply.”

With the completion of this integration, Biocon Biologics is expected to expand its employee population in North America to over 150 employees by the end of the year.

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