NephroPlus Partners with Tibbiyah for Joint Venture in Saudi Arabia’s Healthcare Sector


NephroPlus Expands its Footprint into GCC Market Through Strategic Partnership

NephroPlus, renowned for its dialysis clinics network in India and its pioneering role in transforming dialysis therapy, has unveiled a significant 51:49 Joint Venture with Tibbiyah (Arabian International Healthcare Holding Company) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

NephroPlus Expands its Footprint into GCC Market Through Strategic Partnership
NephroPlus Expands its Footprint into GCC Market Through Strategic Partnership

Having established itself as a leader in dialysis services across India, South Asia, and Central Asia, NephroPlus is poised to further solidify its position as Asia’s premier dialysis network through this strategic alliance in KSA.

Tibbiyah, the healthcare holding company of the esteemed Al Faisaliah Group, boasts a remarkable 50-year legacy of delivering healthcare technology solutions in KSA. Under this collaboration, NephroPlus will assume responsibility for the network’s dialysis operations. It will contribute its brand, cutting-edge clinical protocols, exclusive training programs, and its in-house developed Babylon software to enhance the quality of dialysis care in KSA.

As part of its global expansion strategy, NephroPlus intends to offer world-class dialysis services to 4,000-5,000 patients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the next 2-3 years. With approximately 22,000 patients in the KSA market, NephroPlus and Tibbiyah are committed to collaborating with the government to deliver high-quality dialysis services to this patient population.

Vikram Vuppala, Founder and CEO of NephroPlus, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership with Saudi Arabia’s leading conglomerate, saying, “We are excited to have joined forces with TIBBIYAH, which has a long history and a long list of achievements in the KSA Healthcare sector. Our vision from this partnership is to use the unique capabilities of both companies to deliver best-in-the-world dialysis care services to the patients, provide personalized care based on the co-founder’s own personal experiences on dialysis, and continuously introduce new cutting-edge dialysis modalities to the people on dialysis in KSA.”

Alaa Ameen, CEO of Tibbiyah, shared his delight regarding the partnership with NephroPlus to enhance the dialysis landscape in KSA, stating, “This partnership combines the expertise of NephroPlus and TIBBIYAH and will enable TIBBIYAH to enter another attractive healthcare market segment that has strong fundamentals, is conducive to growth and strengthen our position as one of the main players in the Kingdom’s Healthcare Sector.”

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