Black and white digital camera Leica Q2 Monochrom released for $ 6,000


Black and white digital camera Leica Q2 Monochrom released for $ 6,000

Leica is no stranger to cameras that go against established norms: for example, the M10-D lacks an LCD screen at all, and the M Monochrom models ( in particular the M10 ) of various generations shoot only black and white images. The company has decided to expand its monochrome camera family with the Q2 Monochrom, which will be available on the market today for $ 5,995.

Leica Q2
Leica Q2

The Q2 Monochrom is the company’s first monochrome autofocus camera: all previous models have been based on the M-series rangefinder solutions. As you would expect, it is based on the standard Q2, introduced last March. The device has the same design, controls, viewfinder, autofocus system, processor, battery, software, and more. The 28mm f / 1.7 fixed lens also remains unchanged, as well as the IP52 weather rating.

The difference, of course, is that the Q2 Monochrom has a 47MP black and white full-frame sensor that is capable of capturing a wider dynamic range and has increased sensitivity in low light compared to the color sensor in the standard Q2 – due to the lack of Bayer filters. on the matrix. Leica claims the sensor is capable of capturing up to 13 stops of light, two stops more than the color model, and has a claimed ISO operating range of 100 to 100,000. The company also noted that the camera has a higher effective resolution than the color model. sensor despite the same number of physical pixels. It is currently the highest resolution consumer monochrome camera a user can get.

Leica said that in order to create a monochrome camera, it completely redesigned the sensor inside, including microlenses that focus light on every single pixel. This is what allows black and white cameras to perform better at high sensitivities and capture a wider dynamic range.

From the outside, the Q2 Monochrom looks almost the same as a standard Q2 camera, although it does not have red badges and many of the details are monochrome drawings. The case also has a slightly different finish than the standard model.

The M Monochrom series has been loved by photographers in black and white since its initial release in 2012 for its ability to more accurately reproduce tones and details than color cameras, which are converted to black and white after the fact. But these cameras were designed for true photography aficionados who don’t mind using a rangefinder and manual focus for every shot. Now, with the release of the Q model with state-of-the-art autofocusing and even 4K video capabilities, Leica is making black and white photography more accessible. However, we are not talking about the price of the Q2 Monochrom, which is a whole thousand dollars higher than the already stunningly expensive Q2 camera.



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