Block by Block: Minecraft Gets a PS5 Makeover – Testing Begins Now!


Calling all PlayStation 5 owners and Minecraft enthusiasts! Get ready to experience your favorite block-building game in a whole new light. Mojang Studios has announced the development of a native PS5 version of Minecraft, promising a smoother and more efficient gameplay experience.

This news comes as a welcome improvement for PS5 players who, up to this point, could only access Minecraft through backward compatibility with the PS4 version. While this allowed PS5 users to enjoy the game, it wasn’t optimized for the more powerful hardware of the newer console.

Minecraft Gets a PS5 Makeover
Minecraft Gets a PS5 Makeover

A Smoother Journey Through the Blocky World

In an official announcement, Mojang Studios acknowledged the limitations of the backward-compatible version. They playfully stated, “By making the PS5 version native, you can make the game run more efficiently on PS5 hardware, so you can lose all your supplies to lava in a smoother way!” This lighthearted statement highlights the key benefit of the native PS5 version – improved performance. Players can expect faster loading times, smoother framerates, and a more responsive overall experience.

Putting the Native Version to the Test

The good news doesn’t stop there! Mojang Studios has already begun testing the PS5 native version of Minecraft. This means eager players can jump in and experience the improvements firsthand. However, there are a few key things to keep in mind before diving into the test phase.

Participating in the Test

To participate in the testing process, you’ll need to own a PlayStation 5 console and a copy of Minecraft for PS4. Once you have both, navigate to the settings menu within the PS4 version of Minecraft. There, you should find a “Preview” section. Activating this section will grant you access to the native PS5 version, complete with the latest Tricky Trials update.

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Mojang Studios emphasizes the importance of managing expectations during this testing phase. As with any pre-release software, there’s a chance you might encounter bugs or glitches. Additionally, some features, such as the Minecraft store, are not yet accessible in the test build.

Cross-Play with Limitations

For players who enjoy collaborating with friends, there’s both good news and bad news when it comes to cross-play in the PS5 native version test. The good news is that cross-play remains functional, allowing you to team up with friends on either PS4 or PS5 consoles. The bad news is that cross-play is currently limited to players on PlayStation consoles. This means you won’t be able to collaborate with players on other platforms like Xbox or PC during the testing phase.

Looking Ahead: A Brighter Future for Minecraft on PS5

The introduction of a native PS5 version of Minecraft marks a significant step forward for the game on Sony’s latest console. While the testing phase has limitations, it allows players to experience the potential of a more optimized Minecraft experience. As development progresses, bug fixes, additional features, and potentially expanded cross-play functionalities can be expected in the final release.

This native PS5 version represents Mojang Studios’ commitment to providing players with the best possible Minecraft experience on all platforms. For PS5 owners, this translates to smoother gameplay, faster loading times, and a world of blocky adventures waiting to be explored.


Q: Does the PS5 native version of Minecraft offer any new content?

A: Currently, the PS5 native version doesn’t offer any new content beyond what’s available in the PS4 version. However, the focus of the test phase is on performance improvements. New content might be introduced in the final release.

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Q: How long will the testing phase last?

A: Mojang Studios hasn’t provided a specific timeframe for the duration of the testing phase.

Q: Will the PS5 native version replace the backward-compatible PS4 version?

A: It’s likely that the PS4 version of Minecraft will remain available on PS5 consoles, even after the native version is fully released. This gives players the option to choose between the familiar backward-compatible version or the potentially smoother native version.