Boundary in Limbo: Publisher vs. Developer Spar over Server Shutdown


Boundary, a space shooter developed by the Chinese studio Surgical Scalpels, finds itself caught in a web of conflicting announcements and uncertainty. Despite a promising launch in April 2023, exceeding 100,000 copies sold in its first 24 hours, the game’s future is now clouded by a brewing dispute between the developer and publisher, Skystone Game.

Boundary in Limbo
Boundary in Limbo

A Strong Start, a Stalled Engine

Boundary’s initial release garnered “mostly positive” reviews, captivating players with its unique approach to space combat. The developers initially planned to spend a year in Early Access, ironing out kinks and building upon the game’s core mechanics. Unfortunately, development progress stalled quickly, leading to a decline in player engagement and a shift in review sentiment towards “mixed.”

Servers Doomed But By Whose Hand?

Now, a little over a year later, Boundary’s fate seems sealed: the servers are slated for closure. However, a crucial question hangs in the air – who is pulling the plug? Here’s where the situation gets murky.

Published statements from both Skystone Game and Surgical Scalpels contradict each other. Skystone maintains that the decision to close the servers originated with the developers. Surgical Scalpels, on the other hand, counters this claim, asserting that the publisher made a unilateral decision to shut down the servers.

Unpaid Dues and Legal Maneuvers: Digging Deeper

Adding another layer of complexity to the situation is a statement from Surgical Scalpels, suggesting financial disagreements at the heart of the conflict. The studio claims to be “constantly seeking the revenues currently due to it for Boundary,” implying that Skystone has yet to fulfill its financial obligations to the developers. This statement hints at potential legal action being pursued by Surgical Scalpels to recoup these unpaid dues.

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A Stalemate with No Easy Answers

The conflicting statements and accusations paint a picture of a strained relationship between developer and publisher. Without a clear resolution, the fate of Boundary’s servers remains uncertain. Will Skystone proceed with its alleged decision to shut down the servers, effectively shutting down the game entirely? Or will Surgical Scalpels find a way to keep the servers operational, perhaps through legal means or by finding a new publishing partner?

The Impact on Players

The Boundary community is understandably concerned about the situation. A game that once held promise now faces an uncertain future. Players invested time and money into Boundary, and the potential loss of online functionality leaves them with a sense of frustration and disappointment.

Looking Ahead: A Potential Resolution?

While the current situation seems bleak, there is a possibility for a positive outcome. If both parties are willing to come to the negotiating table, an agreement could be reached that benefits both the developer and the publisher. This could involve Skystone fulfilling its financial obligations to Surgical Scalpels, allowing the studio to continue supporting and updating the game.


Q: Why is Boundary shutting down its servers?

A: The exact reason for the server shutdown remains unclear. There are conflicting statements from the developer and publisher, making it difficult to determine who initiated this decision.

Q: Will Boundary be unplayable after the servers shut down?

A: This depends on the nature of the shutdown. If the server closure is complete, the online functionality of the game will likely be disabled. However, the single-player campaign might still be accessible.

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Q: What can players do about the situation?

A: While players have limited control over the decisions made by the developer and publisher, expressing their concerns on social media and relevant forums could potentially influence the outcome.