Blue Ghost lander for NASA’s CLPS lunar mission planned for 2024


The mission will conduct scientific research on the Moon, including collecting regolith samples, testing global navigation systems, radiation resistance, and protection from lunar dust

Firefly Aerospace announced the completion of the development and assembly of the Blue Ghost lunar lander. This will be Firefly’s first lunar mission, scheduled to take place in 2024 as part of NASA’s CLPS program to commercially deliver payloads to the Moon. In total, Firefly won three orders from NASA in this program, the total amount of which exceeds $230,000,000.


Blue Ghost lander for NASA’s CLPS lunar mission planned for 2024

The team conducted extensive qualification testing of the Blue Ghost rover and each of its components to ensure that the module will withstand all the stresses during launch, en route to the Moon, and during landing.

The next major milestones for the Blue Ghost 1 mission will be payload integration and testing ahead of the mission’s launch in 2024.

At the same time, Firefly is already preparing for its second lunar mission, Blue Ghost Mission 2, which will first launch a satellite into lunar orbit in 2026 and then deliver several payloads to the far side of the Moon. The second mission will consist primarily of payloads from commercial customers.

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