Bugsnax authors have expressed a desire to release the game on other platforms


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:49 pm

Bugsnax authors have expressed a desire to release the game on other platforms

Young Horses, an independent studio that recently released the Bugsnax adventure, responded to questions from Reddit users, particularly about the potential release of a version for the Nintendo Switch. Although the game is a PlayStation console exclusive, there is a chance of its release on other consoles.

Bugsnax (1)

Bugsnax caught the attention of gamers and critics in the months before its release with trailers where mysterious things were happening. They spawned many rumors, including that the game is actually a detective thriller disguised as a cute adventure. The description of the plot indicates this: in Bugsnax, the players arrive on Tasty Island at the invitation of the researcher Elizabeth Megafruit, but soon they find out that she is missing. The main character’s task is to understand what happened to Elizabeth, what the beetles are (favorite delicacies of the island inhabitants), and why the locals behave so strangely.

Unfortunately, the game fell short of critics’ expectations to one degree or another. The average Bugsnax score on OpenCritic is 76 out of 100. Most of the journalists stated that the basic gameplay was simply boring. Nevertheless, many owners of other platforms are eager to try the game themselves.

So, one of the interested asked about the possibility of Bugsnax coming out on the Nintendo Switch. To this, the project’s sound engineer Seth Parker replied: “At the moment, we have no specific plans, but we would like to transfer the game to other platforms


Programmer Kevin Geisler gave a similar answer: “We hope to release Bugsnax on other platforms, but have not yet decided or announced on which

The game is currently only available on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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