Can Sony’s PS5 Pro Outmuscle Microsoft’s Next-Gen Plans? Digital Foundry Analyzes the Tech Specs


The console wars are heating up, with rumors and speculation swirling around the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro. Recently, leaked technical specifications for the console sparked a lively discussion among industry experts, most notably the renowned tech analysis crew at Digital Foundry. Their analysis dives deep into what Sony might be aiming for with this mid-generation upgrade and how it could potentially outmaneuver Microsoft’s next-gen plans.

Can Sony's PS5 Pro Outmuscle Microsoft's
Can Sony’s PS5 Pro Outmuscle Microsoft’s

PS5 Pro: A Glimpse into the (Near) Future?

While the leaked specs haven’t been officially confirmed by Sony, they offer a tantalizing glimpse into the potential capabilities of the PS5 Pro. Digital Foundry suggests that the console is likely in a late development stage, meaning significant changes are improbable. However, the leaked information paints a picture of a console designed to deliver a significant performance boost over the standard PS5.

Key Areas of Improvement: Speed, Upscaling, and Ray Tracing

The crux of the PS5 Pro’s potential edge lies in three key areas: rendering speed, machine learning-powered resolution rendering, and enhanced ray tracing capabilities. Here’s a breakdown of what these advancements could mean for gamers:

Rendering Speed: Improved rendering speed translates to smoother gameplay, with potentially higher frame rates and reduced stuttering. This is particularly crucial for fast-paced action games and competitive titles.

Machine Learning for Upscaling: The PS5 Pro is rumored to feature a dedicated chip specifically designed for machine learning (ML). This ML chip could be a game-changer, particularly when coupled with Sony’s proprietary PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR) technology. PSSR reportedly has the potential to upscale a game from 1080p to 4K resolution in a mere two milliseconds. This would allow developers to prioritize native 4K experiences without sacrificing frame rates, or even offer options for high frame rate 1440p gaming with exceptional visuals.

Advanced Ray Tracing: Ray tracing, which simulates the path of light for more realistic lighting and shadows, is a demanding graphical technique. The PS5 Pro’s rumored 2-4x improvement in ray tracing capabilities could enable developers to create even more immersive and visually stunning experiences.

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The Power of Machine Learning: A Differentiator for Sony?

Digital Foundry emphasizes the potential significance of Sony’s focus on machine learning. By leveraging this technology for efficient resolution scaling, the PS5 Pro could offer a compelling alternative to raw processing power increases. This approach could potentially provide a smoother gameplay experience and stunning visuals at various resolutions, catering to a wider range of gamer preferences and display capabilities.

The PS5 Pro: A Chess Move in the Console Wars?

While the official release date of the PS5 Pro remains unknown, analysts like Digital Foundry believe it could be a strategic move by Sony to maintain a performance edge over the current Xbox Series X/S consoles. Additionally, with Microsoft’s next-generation console plans still under wraps, the PS5 Pro could potentially solidify Sony’s position in the market for a crucial period.


Q: What is the PS5 Pro?

A: The PS5 Pro is a rumored mid-generation upgrade to the PlayStation 5 console that could offer improvements in rendering speed, resolution scaling through machine learning, and advanced ray tracing capabilities.

Q: How will the PS5 Pro compete with Microsoft’s next-gen plans?

A: The PS5 Pro’s focus on machine learning-powered upscaling could offer a performance advantage over current Xbox Series X/S consoles. Additionally, it could pressure Microsoft to reveal its next-gen plans sooner than anticipated.

Q: When will the PS5 Pro be released?

A: There is no official confirmation from Sony regarding the release date of the PS5 Pro. However, based on leaked information, the console seems to be in a late development stage, suggesting a potential release shortly.

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