FromSoftware Bids Farewell to Armored Core: Verdict Day’s Online Arenas


For fans of mechanized combat and the long-running Armored Core series, a somber day has arrived. On March 31, 2024, FromSoftware officially shut down the online servers for Armored Core: Verdict Day, a pivotal title released in 2013. This decision marks the end of an era for the game, leaving its once-thriving multiplayer mode a relic of the past.

A Decade of Mech Battles Silenced

Armored Core: Verdict Day thrust players into a war-torn future, piloting colossal mechs in a battle for survival. The game’s multiplayer mode was a core component, allowing pilots to clash online, forge teams, and wage epic battles against each other.

FromSoftware Bids Farewell to Armored Core
FromSoftware Bids Farewell to Armored Core

With the servers now offline, this central aspect of the gameplay experience is no longer accessible. Players who enjoyed the competitive rush and strategic teamwork elements of the online mode will no longer be able to partake in those activities.

Collateral Damage: Achievements, DLC, and Lost Functionality

The server shutdown extends beyond the loss of multiplayer functionality. Players who sought to complete the game’s collection of trophies or achievements tied to online play will find these accolades unattainable. Additionally, the Soldier Model DLC, which offered players access to a specific mech variant, is no longer available for purchase.

A Community Reflects: Ten Years of Battles and Looking Forward

While the server shutdown is undoubtedly a cause for sadness among devoted fans, it’s important to acknowledge the decade of online battles and camaraderie fostered by Armored Core: Verdict Day’s multiplayer mode. Players who invested time and dedication into mastering the game’s mechanics and forging online connections will undoubtedly have fond memories of their experiences.

A Hope for the Future: New Horizons for FromSoftware

Though the Armored Core: Verdict Day servers may be offline, FromSoftware’s legacy of crafting exceptional games remains. Fans can turn their attention to the developer’s past successes like the critically acclaimed Dark Souls series and Bloodborne, or eagerly anticipate future projects. FromSoftware has consistently proven its ability to deliver innovative and challenging experiences, and the studio’s next endeavor is sure to be hotly anticipated by gamers worldwide.

A Decade of Multiplayer Excitement

Armored Core: Verdict Day captivated players with its immersive action gameplay set in a futuristic world dominated by powerful mechs. The multiplayer servers served as the heart of the experience, offering opportunities for players to engage in thrilling battles, form alliances, and showcase their strategic prowess. For many, the camaraderie and competition fostered in these online arenas were integral to their enjoyment of the game.

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The End of an Era

With the closure of the servers, players bid farewell to a defining feature of Armored Core: Verdict Day. The once vibrant multiplayer community will disperse, leaving behind memories of epic showdowns and unforgettable victories. Additionally, the shutdown has led to the disappearance of the ability to earn trophies and achievements associated with the multiplayer component, further accentuating the loss for dedicated players.

Impact on Content Availability

In addition to the cessation of multiplayer functionality, the closure of the servers has rendered certain downloadable content (DLC) unavailable. This includes the Soldier Model DLC, depriving players of additional customization options and gameplay enhancements. The absence of these features serves as a poignant reminder of the transient nature of online gaming experiences.

Reflecting on a Decade of Memories

While the news of the server shutdown may evoke feelings of sadness and nostalgia among fans, it’s essential to acknowledge the ten years of excitement and camaraderie that the Armored Core: Verdict Day servers provided. Countless players forged lasting friendships, honed their skills, and experienced unforgettable moments within the game’s virtual battlegrounds. Though this chapter may be closing, the memories and experiences shared by the community will endure.

Looking Towards the Future

As fans bid farewell to Armored Core: Verdict Day, they eagerly anticipate new and exciting projects from FromSoftware. The studio has a storied history of creating innovative and captivating gaming experiences, and players remain hopeful for what the future holds. While the closure of the servers marks the end of one journey, it also heralds the beginning of new adventures yet to come.

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Q: Why did FromSoftware shut down the Armored Core: Verdict Day servers?

A: The specific reasons behind the server shutdown haven’t been officially disclosed by FromSoftware. However, the servers having been operational for a decade suggests a potential decline in player activity or maintenance costs exceeding viability.

Q: Can I still play Armored Core: Verdict Day?

A: Yes, the single-player campaign of Armored Core: Verdict Day remains playable offline.

Q: What parts of the game are affected by the server shutdown?

A: The online multiplayer mode, online trophies/achievements, and the Soldier Model DLC are all unavailable due to the server shutdown.

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