Cargo drones will supply the Turkish army. Production will begin in 2021


Last updated on July 30th, 2023 at 03:59 pm

Cargo drones will supply the Turkish army. Production will begin in 2021

The Turkish military plans to use cargo drones to perform logistics operations as part of a program to expand the use of unmanned systems. Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) has developed cargo drones that are expected to support units in war zones in Turkey and beyond, such as in northern Iraq and northern Syria.

Cargo drones

Our vertical landing and take-off cargo UAV project will quickly and safely provide the logistical support our Turkish military needs in the mountainous terrain,” TAI said. In June 2018, the Turkish Defense Orders Agency (SSB) launched a program to purchase cargo drones with vertical landing and take-off capabilities – TAI won the contract, and serial production, as stated by SSB President Ismail Demir, will begin in 2021.

“Thanks to cargo UAV systems, cargo such as weapons, ammunition, medical equipment, and technical equipment required by the security forces on the battlefield will be delivered in a very short time and safely even in difficult weather conditions, ” Ismail Demir said.

It is reported that the drones intended for production will be able to carry 50 kilograms of payload each and will be intended for logistical support of troops in combat zones, especially in mountainous areas. Turkish companies, including TAI, are currently producing a large number of different unmanned aerial vehicles, including combat zones.

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