“Chinese Suzuki Jimny” will be offered to install a gasoline generator


It will not exceed $300

Zhou Xing, SGMW vice president in charge of sales and marketing for Wuling and Baojun, announced that the company is exploring adding a small internal combustion engine-powered generator to Baojun Yep’s all-electric budget urban crossover .

The alternator could solve the range issue some customers are complaining about. Moreover, installation of the generator on already delivered cars is possible. In this case, the price of additional equipment will not exceed $300.

This will turn the Baojun Yep into a pure electric car with an internal combustion engine not connected to the wheels, working only as a power generator for the battery. In China, manufacturers such as Li Auto or Deepal (Shenlan) use this concept.

“Chinese Suzuki Jimny” will be offered to install a gasoline generator

Chinese Suzuki Jimny
Chinese Suzuki Jimny

“The team brainstormed on installing a compact generator in the engine bay. They immediately contacted the supplier to formulate a detailed plan,” Zhou Xing said on his Weibo account.

It is reported that we are talking about a single-cylinder engine with a capacity of 13.5 hp, which will allow you to drive on a discharged battery to your destination.


The Baojun Yep, dubbed the “Chinese Suzuki Jimny” after the announcement, is produced by a joint venture between General Motors, SAIC and Wuling. The car went on sale in China on May 25, starting at $11,300.

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