Chronicles of the “epidemic” of Samsung smartphones. No guarantee of data recovery after repair


Smartphones go into a continuous reboot cycle, display a black screen and distorted characters

The scandal surrounding the sudden “epidemic” that has swept many Samsung smartphones in China continues to erupt. 

Samsung smartphones

Chronicles of the “epidemic” of Samsung smartphones. No guarantee of data recovery after repair

The Chinese social network Weibo has a lot of complaints about system crashes and crashes. There was even a video showing how users lined up at the Weifang branded service center on May 25th. Service employees confirmed that the system crash was caused by an error in calculating the lunar calendar in April. 

One of the employees emphasized that there is no guarantee that the user data on the smartphone will be saved after the repair. Instead, service employees are only trying to bring the smartphone into working conditions so that after repair the device can be used again. 

The company Samsung has already recognized the problem and understands the situation. The crash does not apply to the newest flagships of the Galaxy S20 series, but covered the previously released models of the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy A series. As a result of the crash, smartphones begin to display a black screen, distorted characters, or simply constantly restart. 

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