Sound BlasterX G6 sound cards can now easily change the balance between chat and game volume


You don’t have to leave the game.

Creative Technology Company announced the release of new firmware for an external sound card Sound BlasterX G6.

Sound BlasterX G6
Sound BlasterX G6

According to the manufacturer, the update, which received version 2.0, makes the specified card “ideal for games on consoles.” The fact is that the firmware adds a new feature – GameVoice Mix, which users have requested about since the release of Sound BlasterX G6 in 2018. This feature allows you to change the balance between chat volume and game sounds by simply turning the map wheel without leaving the game.

In addition, the mute on the PS4 was eliminated during prolonged downtime and mute in direct mode, added noise reduction for the microphone input on the Sony PS4 or Nintendo Switch.