Controversies: Star Wars Outlaws Character Design Sparks Debate


In the vast galaxy of Star Wars Outlaws, a recent controversy has erupted among players, highlighting disparities between the in-game character Kay Vess and the actress, Humberly Gonzalez, who lent her appearance to the heroine. This revelation has stirred discussions, with some players expressing dissatisfaction and humorously dubbing the character a “Karen with size zero breasts.”

Humberly Gonzalez and Star Wars Outlaws:

Ubisoft, the gaming powerhouse, collaborated with actress Humberly Gonzalez to bring the character Kay Vess to life in the science-fiction action movie set in the Star Wars universe. However, keen-eyed players have begun to notice discrepancies between the on-screen portrayal and the original model, Humberly Gonzalez.

Controversy Unveiled:

The controversy took a turn when players criticized the character design as a “real female character assassination by feminist developers” in Star Wars Outlaws 2024. The accusation suggests that the developers, in an attempt to conform to a certain ideology, transformed the character into what some players humorously term a “Karen with zero breast size.”

Exploring Commentary and Screenshots:

Commentators delved into the matter, playfully highlighting the consistency of pronouns in profiles. Screenshots of project narrative director Navid Khavari and lead screenwriter Nikki Foy’s pages circulated, fueling the ongoing discourse regarding the character’s representation in the game.

Khavari’s Political Stance:

Adding fuel to the fire, it’s worth noting that Navid Khavari, in the past, publicly stated that the script for Far Cry 6 intentionally embraced political themes. The aim was to encourage players to reflect on imperialism and the challenges faced by various minorities regularly.

Official Project Description:

Amidst the controversy, the official project description adds an interesting twist. “Why renovate a house when you can build a new one? Unleash your imagination in sandbox mode! Use this mode to recreate real buildings or create your design projects,” reads the description, inviting players to explore the creative aspects of the game.

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Q1: Why are players criticizing the character design in Star Wars Outlaws?

A1: Players noticed differences between the in-game character Kay Vess and the actress, Humberly Gonzalez, sparking criticism and humorous references.

Q2: What controversy surrounds the character’s portrayal as a “Karen with zero breast size”?

A2: Some players claim that feminist developers altered the character design, transforming Kay Vess into a representation they humorously dub as a “Karen with zero breast size.”

Q3: How did commentators contribute to the ongoing debate?

A3: Commentators highlighted the consistent use of pronouns in profiles, sharing screenshots of project leaders Navid Khavari and Nikki Foy’s pages, fueling discussions on character representation.

Q4: What is Navid Khavari’s stance on political themes in games?

A4: Navid Khavari has publicly stated that the script for Far Cry 6 intentionally includes political themes to prompt players to reflect on imperialism and minority challenges.

Q5: What creative aspects are highlighted in the official project description?

A5: The official project description encourages players to explore their imagination in sandbox mode, inviting them to recreate real buildings or embark on their design projects.