Dazn Group announces Dazn X, a new pole of innovation


DAZN Group, the world’s leading sports streaming company, has announced the launch of its innovation hub, DAZN X.

What is the new DAZN X

DAZN announces the creation of DAZN X, a new hub for innovation that will have the task of “socializing” the streaming of sporting events.

It is called DAZN X and will be a ” hub for innovation ” within DAZN Group, the British parent company of DAZN Italy, and the other 30 national broadcasters operating in Europe, the United States, South America, and Asia. DAZN X was born from the acquisition, completed at the beginning of November 2021, of the Israeli Texel by DAZN.

Texel, in turn, was born with the motto ” Socializing streams ” and takes care, in fact, of ” socializing ” streaming platforms: ” With more and more people broadcasting their favorite video content on their screens, users now expect that their streaming services are more compelling, rich and engaging. They want to interact, play and shop together with their friends and communities, in sync and in real-time with the content they choose. They want their flows to be socialized “, reads the Texel website, which is still active. Precisely this will be DAZN X: a division within the DAZN Group in which 50 employees from Texel will work in order to make it more ” social” the experience on the platform that Serie A transmits in Italy.

From Texel to DAZN X

The transition from Texel to DAZNX, according to the DAZN Group, will be practically painless and transparent. Texel employees will continue to carry out the same activities as before, focusing their efforts only on DAZN. The goal is to allow DAZN to become interactive.

That is to allow the DAZN viewer to interact with the platform in real time, especially during the broadcast of sporting events. ” We want to revolutionize the experience of watching sport by making it more exciting, more social, and even more engaging – explains Shay Segev, co-CEO of DAZN – The acquisition of Texel and the launch of DAZNX represent a significant acceleration of our strategy. and position us as a leader in sporting innovation worldwide “.

DAZN X in practice

DAZN X will, probably very soon, bring various innovations to the markets where DAZN is active today, including Italy. In practice, the DAZN viewer will be able to interact with a community made up of other DAZN users, connected at the same time, talkingplaying, or making purchases.

A sort of social network within DAZN, or more social networks : in fact, given that the main product of DAZN in Europe is footballspecific communities are created for each football team. It is also not excluded that DAZN X will be made available to teams to sell their merchandising.

The possibilities of DAZN-X, therefore, are many and its arrival was not only predictable but also desirable given the natively online nature of DAZN: Internet is a connection, streaming is just a transmission. Adding a connection channel, such as DAZN X, to a transmission platform, such as DAZN, was, therefore, the logical next step.

DAZN was born from the DAZN Group’s acquisition of Texel, an innovative video streaming company from Tel Aviv, Israel. DAZN-X will operate as a global business unit in all major DAZN markets. The entire Texel team, made up of 50 talented innovators, will join DAZN to work alongside DAZN’s technology and product teams, thus ensuring the important support of its proprietary technology, incomparable experience, and new skills.

The acquisition of Texel will allow DAZN to offer fans an even more complete experience: DAZN-X will focus on the development of interactive and engaging content as an integral part of the sports streaming service offered by DAZN.

DAZN subscribers will be able to chat, share, shop, and play with their friends while watching premium sports content live.

Shay Segev, co-CEO of DAZN, comments on the agreement as follows: “We want to revolutionize the experience of watching sport by making it more exciting, more social, and even more engaging. The acquisition of Texel and the launch of DAZN X represent a significant acceleration of our strategy and position us as a leader in sporting innovation worldwide ”.

“DAZN shares our vision to redefine the viewer’s experience by providing richer and more interactive content. We are thrilled to join the DAZN team, with whom we share the goal of innovating and reshaping the vision of sport, improving it more and more ”, says Amire Segev, CEO, and co-founder of Texel.

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