Google Tensor: What’s How Google’s New Mobile Chip Works?

Chipset developed in partnership with Samsung makes up the Pixel 6 smartphones

The Google Tensor is the new chipset’s smartphone line Pixel present in Pixel 6 and Pixel Pro 6, devices that debuted on October 26. The new chips are new to Google devices that previously used  Qualcomm.

This time, the search giant preferred to use its own chipset developed in partnership with Samsung. This indicates that it probably has some design similarities with the  ARM Exynos, present in many devices of the South Korean brand. Find out now some details of Google Tensor chips.

The name Tensor comes from other areas of Google. It is also present on TensorFlow which is the company’s machine learning hardware. According to the company, the new chip was developed to rely on the company’s latest advances in the field of Artificial Intelligence directly on mobile devices. Google tensor was developed with the aim of delivering everything the company envisioned in a Google Smartphone.

“We encountered computing limitations that prevented us from fully fulfilling our mission. So we started building a technology platform designed for mobile devices that allowed us to bring our most innovative AI and machine learning (ML) to our Pixel users,” he said.  Rick Osterloh, Senior Vice President of Devices and Services, in the official publication on the chipset.

Some information points out, however, that some current and future smartphone models from Google may still receive Snapdragon chipsets , designed by Qualcomm.


The Google Tensor is built on a 2+2+4 cluster CPU configuration, with two high-performance cores ( ARM X1 ) running at 2.8GHz, two medium cores clocked at 2.25GHz, and four high-speed efficiencies at 1.8GHz. The 20-core GPU promises a premium gaming experience for most Android games. Some benchmarks released, however, reveal Google Tensor’s not-so-good performance results.

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According to the developers, Tensor was developed so that Artificial Intelligence and machine learning could adapt each user’s experience to something specific to them.

Cameras and security

Smartphones from the Pixel line have always performed well with regard to photographic records. Now, with the new chip, Google says that the new smartphones have a completely renovated camera system with more features. The expectation is that the Pixels will also improve from now on a known weak point of the line, which is video recording.

Another point revealed about Google‘s new chipsets is that they have a Titan M2 security chip. The company promises a very robust security system for smartphones that come with Google Tensor.

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