Dice and Fold: Embracing Extreme Difficulty with the Latest Update


The burgeoning genre of deck-building roguelikes has seen a recent surge in popularity, with titles like Slay the Spire, Balatro, Wildfrost, Heretic’s Fork, and Zet Zillions captivating players with their unique blend of strategy, card collecting, and dungeon-crawling action. Now, Dice and Fold, a fresh take on the genre inspired by the classic tabletop aesthetic of Dungeons & Dragons, throws its hat into the ring with a special early update that promises to challenge even the most seasoned deck-builders.

Dice and Fold
Dice and Fold

Dice and Fold Rolls a Critical Hit: Early Success and Community Growth

Developed by Tinymice, Dice, and Fold has received a warm welcome from the gaming community. The game’s innovative blend of dice-based combat and strategic card manipulation has resonated with players, amassing nearly 30,000 copies sold in a short period. Additionally, the game’s official Discord community is thriving, fostering a space for players to share strategies, tips, and enthusiasm for Dice and Fold.

This early success is further bolstered by the impressive achievement of over 2,000 players conquering the game on Hard mode with every available hero. This dedicated core fanbase has fueled Tinymice’s commitment to providing an even more challenging and engaging experience for players.

Beyond the Basics: The Arrival of Extreme Mode

Buoyed by the positive reception and a thriving player base, Tinymice has reshuffled its release plans for Dice and Fold updates. In response to player demand and the community’s impressive feats, the developers have unveiled a brand new difficulty setting: Extreme Mode.

This new mode serves as the ultimate test for seasoned Dice and Fold players. Unlocked upon completing the game, Extreme Mode throws players headfirst into a brutal gauntlet. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Elite Enemy Onslaught: Brace yourself for a significant increase in enemy difficulty. Prepare to face primarily elite opponents, each presenting a unique and formidable challenge.
  • Sharpened Difficulty Curve: This is not for the faint of heart. Extreme Mode boasts a dramatically steeper difficulty curve, demanding precise decision-making and meticulous execution.
  • “Dark Souls” Mentality: Tinymice themselves describe the experience as akin to the notorious difficulty of the “Dark Souls” series. Prepare to be punished for even minor missteps, necessitating a near-flawless strategy to emerge victorious.
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This update reflects a clear message from Tinymice: they’re committed to pushing the boundaries and providing a robust and diverse experience for veteran players. It’s a testament to the developer’s dedication to fostering a vibrant community and constantly evolving the Dice and Fold experience.

A Long Game Ahead: Future Content Plans for Dice and Fold

The Extreme Mode update is just the beginning of Tinymice’s ambitious roadmap for Dice and Fold. The developers have outlined plans for a steady flow of content, with five major patches already in development. These patches promise to introduce new playable heroes, exciting gameplay mechanics, and potentially even additional difficulty levels beyond Extreme Mode.

This commitment to ongoing content ensures that Dice and Fold will continue to offer a fresh and engaging experience for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned deck-building veteran or a newcomer curious about the unique world of Dice and Fold, the future looks bright for this innovative take on the genre.

Conclusion: Dice and Fold Folds the Difficulty Curve for Hardcore Players

The introduction of Extreme Mode in Dice and Fold serves as a turning point for the game. It caters to the growing desire within the community for even more punishing challenges, pushing the boundaries of strategic deck-building. Additionally, Tinymice’s commitment to ongoing content updates ensures continued evolution and a wealth of new experiences for players. With its accessible core gameplay, thriving community, and ambitious roadmap, Dice and Fold is poised to carve its niche in the ever-growing deck-building roguelike genre.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q: What is Dice and Fold?

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A: Dice and Fold is a deck-building roguelike inspired by Dungeons & Dragons. It combines dice-based combat with strategic card manipulation, offering a unique spin on the popular genre.

Q: Is Dice and Fold a difficult game?

A: Dice and Fold offers multiple difficulty levels, catering to both newcomers and experienced players. The base game difficulty can be challenging, but manageable. However, the newly introduced Extreme Mode is designed to be brutally difficult, akin to the notorious “Dark Souls” series.

Q: How do I unlock Extreme Mode?

A: Extreme Mode becomes available after you complete the entire game with any hero character.

Q: What are the key features of Extreme Mode?

A: Extreme Mode throws players into encounters with primarily elite enemies, significantly increases the game’s difficulty curve, and demands near-flawless strategy to succeed.

Q: Are there any other updates planned for Dice and Fold?

A: Absolutely! Tiny Mice has outlined plans for five major content patches, promising new heroes, gameplay mechanics, and potentially additional difficulty levels beyond Extreme Mode.

Q: Is Dice and Fold worth playing?

A: With its innovative gameplay, growing community, and impressive early success, Dice and Fold has garnered positive reviews and is worth checking out for fans of deck-building roguelikes. The addition of Extreme Mode further caters to veterans seeking a truly punishing challenge.