Diet that extends life with chocolate and carbohydrates: the 6 points to follow


According to the experts, there are six steps to follow for a diet with chocolate and carbohydrates that extends life, let’s see what it is.

When it is said that nutrition is important it is an absolute truth. In fact, what we eat introduces substances into our body and then these have an effect on the various functions. A correct diet, as healthy and balanced as possible, can make us live much longer than a completely unbalanced diet.

choclates and breads
choclates and breads

There have been many studies around the world that concern nutrition. The study we are talking about today comes from America, specifically from researchers at the University of Southern California. There would be a list of 6 points to follow to have an optimal diet for an extension of life that can even reach 10 years.

But let’s see how the researchers arrived at these points, what they studied and examined, and then we will discover the details of these rules that seem to be the secret to living longer.

The diet that extends life: the 6 fundamental point

The scholars looked at the population, and looked at all ethnicities, and all ages. They made connections between the ratio of nutrients taken, and periods of fasting, they observed the genetic characteristics of people in relation to what they ate habitually. In addition, they studied and examined the main existing diets such as the Mediterranean, ketogenic, vegan, etc …

They took limited periods and longer periods into consideration and came to the conclusion that there is a lifestyle that you can adopt from a young age so that you have fewer problems with aging. This consists of six points:

  1. Eat lots of carbohydrates, but whole;
  2. Do not eat red meat, limit white meat, and sometimes consume fish;
  3. The proteins must come from vegetables, such as legumes;
  4. Take vegetable fats such as olive oil, nuts, and dark chocolate;
  5. The meals of the day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) must take place within 12 hours of the day in order to leave the other 12 to fasting;
  6. Almost total 5-day fasting every 4 months in order to rebalance many aspects of the body such as insulin, and pressure.

This is what the scholars who have carried out this important and vast research have declared. Of course, for any information on nutrition and health, it is necessary to contact your doctor and nutritionist.

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