Maserati MC20 – defective lights: recall is triggered in the USA


The flickering of the stops on some models forced the Trident car manufacturer to start the return procedure for the necessary repairs

Maserati MC20
Maserati MC20

Problem with stoplights for Maserati MC20 which in the United States had to deal with a flickering problem that forced the Trident car manufacturer to initiate a recall. There are 56 examples of the Italian super sports car to be affected by the problem, with the annoying flashing that is caused as soon as you press your foot on the brake which could be a source of distraction and above all confusion for the cars that follow, as claimed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the American road safety authority.

The malfunction was first noticed in February, during the testing of some specimens, with Maserati later encountering the same problem on other cars as well. At that point an internal investigation was launched to try to trace the problem, carrying on the discussion also with the suppliers of the components involved. The Trident thus determined that the MC20s that could potentially experience this problem are those equipped with a printed circuit equipped with an alternative Mosfet transistor, which tends to flicker under braking conditions. At that point, it was easy to trace the supercars produced with that component, with the affected models having rolled off the assembly lines between November 5, 2021, and February 8, 2022. The recall will start on June 3, with Maserati North America will contact the owner directly, inspecting the vehicle and replacing the rear lights where necessary. All repairs will be carried out free of charge and those who have already independently resolved the problem will be reimbursed.

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