Dive Deep into Dolphin Delights: Celebrate National Dolphin Day at SeaWorld!


Calling all ocean enthusiasts! National Dolphin Day is just around the corner, and SeaWorld is inviting you to make a splash with an unforgettable celebration. Mark your calendars for Sunday, April 14th, and prepare to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of these playful marine mammals.

Unforgettable Up-Close Encounters

Beyond the captivating daily presentations included with park admission, SeaWorld offers a variety of special experiences designed to bring you closer to dolphins than ever before. Imagine the thrill of meeting the world-class animal care team, participating in a training session and feeding, or learning the hand signals used for communication! These add-on experiences provide a truly unique opportunity to witness dolphin behavior firsthand and gain a deeper appreciation for these intelligent creatures.

Dive Deep into Dolphin Delights
Dive Deep into Dolphin Delights

For the ultimate dolphin adventure, consider becoming a Trainer for the Day. This exclusive program allows you to join the SeaWorld zoological experts for a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their daily routines. You’ll participate in training sessions, learn about enrichment activities, and witness firsthand the dedication and expertise involved in dolphin care.

Educational Presentations for All Ages

SeaWorld’s daily dolphin presentations are a captivating blend of entertainment and education. Through interactive demonstrations and fascinating facts, these presentations explore the natural behaviors of dolphins, their remarkable adaptations for survival, and the science behind their playful interactions. Learn how these behaviors contribute to research and advancements in our understanding of the marine world.

For an unobstructed view of the presentations, consider purchasing reserved seating (availability may vary). This allows you to get front-row access to the action and fully engage with the educational insights shared by SeaWorld’s knowledgeable trainers.

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A Commitment to Dolphin Welfare

While the playful antics of dolphins may appear effortless, SeaWorld’s dedication to their care runs deep. The park’s expert animal care team prioritizes the physical, social, behavioral, and mental well-being of every species under their care.

SeaWorld is a global leader in animal welfare, training, and veterinary medicine. They boast a legacy of animal rescue and rehabilitation spanning nearly 60 years. Over 41,000 animals in need have received expert care at SeaWorld facilities. Additionally, the SeaWorld Conservation Fund actively supports and funds dolphin research and conservation projects around the world.

“National Dolphin Day is a powerful reminder of the important role these incredible creatures play in our marine ecosystems,” says Dr. Chris Dold, Chief Zoological Officer of United Parks & Resorts. “At SeaWorld, our commitment extends far beyond the walls of our parks. Through tireless efforts in rehabilitation, research, and conservation, we strive to not only care for dolphins in our care but also safeguard their future and the health of our oceans.”

SeaWorld: Leading the Way in Dolphin Rescue and Care

SeaWorld is a recognized leader in marine animal rescue, with dedicated teams operating on the West Coast, East Coast, and Texas Gulf Coast. These teams are on call 24/7 to respond to animals in distress, providing them with the expert care they need. The ultimate goal is rehabilitation and release back into the wild whenever possible. For animals deemed non-releasable due to permanent health conditions, SeaWorld provides lifelong care at their accredited facilities.

SeaWorld’s unwavering commitment to dolphin welfare extends to groundbreaking advancements in veterinary medicine. Throughout its history, SeaWorld has played a crucial role in rescuing nearly 600 dolphins, whales, and porpoises. Their expertise has led to the development of innovative dolphin care systems and groundbreaking veterinary advancements involving custom nebulizers, blood parameter analysis, milk matrix development, intubation techniques, specialized surgeries, and even stem cell therapy.

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Make a Splash with a SeaWorld Annual Pass

The best way to experience the magic of dolphins and explore all that SeaWorld has to offer is with an Annual Pass. Annual Passholders enjoy year-round access to the park, exclusive benefits like priority access to new events and attractions, free parking, free guest tickets, invitations to special VIP events, and amazing discounts on merchandise and dining.

This year, celebrate SeaWorld’s 60th Anniversary and be a part of the exciting “So Much More to Sea” campaign. Visit the SeaWorld Orlando, SeaWorld San Antonio, or SeaWorld San Diego websites for special offers on tickets and passes. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with dolphins and create lasting memories at SeaWorld!

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