Experience Unparalleled Luxury: Four Seasons Private Jet Now Available for Charter


Imagine soaring through the skies in unparalleled comfort and personalized service, surrounded by your loved ones. This extraordinary dream becomes a reality with the limited-time availability of the Four Seasons Private Jet for charter bookings.

A Personalized Journey Awaits

Four Seasons, the world-renowned leader in luxury hospitality, extends its exceptional service to the skies with the Four Seasons Private Jet Experience. This unique offering allows guests to create a custom itinerary, crafting the adventure of a lifetime.

Four Seasons Private Jet Now Available for Charter
Four Seasons Private Jet Now Available for Charter

“We’re thrilled to offer this extraordinary opportunity for the first time,” says Marc Speichert, Four Seasons’ Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer. “Responding to inquiries from families and friend groups seeking personalized itineraries and celebratory travel, we’re delighted to introduce the Four Seasons Private Jet for private charter bookings.”

Speichert emphasizes the seamless integration of Four Seasons’ renowned service throughout the journey. “With the bonus of genuine Four Seasons care on the ground and in the sky, all you need to do is relax and enjoy this unforgettable experience with your loved ones,” he concludes.

Limited Time Offer: This exclusive opportunity is available for charter bookings between August 4th-26th and December 20th-27th, 2024. To inquire about or book your dream vacation, contact Four Seasons via email at [email protected] or by phone at +1 866 557 4794.

Spark Inspiration with Diverse Itineraries

Following your booking, a dedicated Four Seasons team will collaborate with you to craft a customized itinerary. Leveraging the extensive network of Four Seasons experts at hotels and resorts around the world, they’ll ensure an unforgettable experience.

Chenin Mathews, the Four Seasons Private Jet Director of Guest Experience, offers some inspiring ideas to ignite your travel dreams:

Four Seasons Set-Jetting: Elevate your binge-watching experience by visiting filming locations for popular movies and TV shows like “The Crown,” “Killing Eve,” “Emily in Paris,” “Charlie’s Angels,” or “Skyfall,” all filmed at breathtaking Four Seasons properties.

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Unlock Your Sports Superfan Status: Witness global sporting events in style this August. Choose from the Summer Games in Paris, prestigious car racing in the Netherlands, captivating football matches across Europe, or even cap off your trip by attending the iconic US Open tennis tournament in New York City.

Unforgettable Holiday Magic: Gather your loved ones for a truly unforgettable festive season. Imagine exploring the charming Christmas markets of Prague and Vienna, marveling at the dazzling city lights of London and Paris, indulging in a ski adventure in the French Alps, ringing in the New Year on a pristine beach in Dubai, or embarking on a magical trip north to visit Santa’s reindeer in Lapland.

On-Demand Itineraries: Can’t wait for the next scheduled Four Seasons Private Jet itineraries? Choose from existing options like “Ancient Explorer,” “Uncharted Discovery,” or “International Intrigue,” and customize them to your preferences. Enjoy guided tours and exclusive access to captivating destinations around the globe.

Unveiling the Four Seasons Private Jet Experience

What’s Included in Your Charter Booking:

Booking the entire Four Seasons Private Jet, accommodating up to 48 guests, with a dedicated crew of 10 members, is priced at approximately USD 115,000 per day. This price includes all Four Seasons Private Jet flights, onboard services, all meals, and airport services where applicable.

Ground transfers, overnight stays, on-site meals, tours, and tickets can be arranged at an additional cost through the Four Seasons Guest Experience Team or as per your preferences.

A Glimpse into Unmatched Luxury

The Four Seasons Private Jet is a customized Airbus A321neoLR aircraft specifically designed to deliver the Four Seasons Private Jet Experience. This ongoing series offers regional and round-the-world itineraries with flexible options for ground activities and tours. Accommodations include stays at Four Seasons hotels and resorts, as well as carefully chosen boutique hotels in remote destinations where a Four Seasons presence may not yet exist.

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Here’s what awaits you aboard the Four Seasons Private Jet:

Unparalleled Comfort: Relax in 48 custom-designed, spacious leather flatbed seats. Each guest receives a personal iPad pre-loaded with the latest entertainment options and Bose headphones for an exceptional in-flight experience.

A Home Away from Home: Enjoy the dedicated “Lounge in the Sky” social gathering space, unwind in extra-large lavatories with full-length mirrors, and stay connected with global Wi-Fi availability.

Culinary Delights: Savor the world-renowned Four Seasons culinary experience on board. Enjoy an in-flight executive chef who curates a menu inspired by your travel destinations and personalized to your preferences.

Impeccable Service and Advanced Technology

Unwavering Attention to Detail: A team of ten in-flight crew members, including three pilots, one engineer, and six cabin staff, ensures exceptional service throughout your journey. For additional customization, you can request an onboard physician, tour manager, or additional cabin crew at an extra cost.

Health and Safety at the Forefront: The Four Seasons Private Jet prioritizes your well-being. The aircraft incorporates a hospital-grade air filtration system, replacing cabin air every two to three minutes and removing 99.9% of particles, viruses, and bacteria.

Planning Your Dream Charter

Considerations for Crafting Your Itinerary:

Flight Range: The Four Seasons Private Jet boasts an impressive extended range of eight to nine hours (approximately 7,400 kilometers or 4,600 miles) for non-stop flights. Longer itineraries may require technical stops for refueling and servicing.

Aircraft Registration: As a UK-registered aircraft, the jet cannot legally operate domestic flights within the US. Therefore, each itinerary is limited to one US entry or departure point. Similar restrictions may apply in other countries. The Four Seasons Private Jet team will collaborate with you to ensure seamless travel planning.

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