Domestic tactics “Partisans 1941” will receive a large-scale addition “Back to battle!”


Domestic tactics “Partisans 1941” will receive a large-scale addition “Back to battle!”

Daedalic Entertainment publishing house and Russian studio Alter Games have presented a large-scale add-on “Back to battle!” (Back Into Battle) for the tactics “Partisans 1941“, which will be released on April 29th.

Partisans 1941
Partisans 1941

The expansion will add new features, including sandbox elements that increase interest when replaying, two game modes, customizable scenarios, and more. On this occasion, a fresh trailer is presented, demonstrating the features of the add-on:

For example, a “Skirmish” mode will appear, in which players can choose their own team of guerrillas, as well as their skills and equipment without restrictions, to explore existing and new maps. You can also add modifiers that increase the difficulty of the passage. Five familiar territories for this mode will be available to all game owners, and buyers of the add-on will have access to seven more exclusive missions.

Besides, an exclusive “Position Defense” mode will be added. This is a scenario in which opponents arrive in waves, giving the player little respite to prepare the base and the fighters for the next attack.

Dialogues in the camp have also been added, allowing you to learn more about the members of the guerrilla squad in the single player campaign. The add-on “Back to battle!” there is already a page on Steam, but the cost has not yet been announced.

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