Video: tactics “Partisans 1941” will be released on PC on October 14

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Video: tactics “Partisans 1941” will be released on PC on October 14

Domestic studio Alter Games and publishing house Daedalic Entertainment announced that the tactics “Partisans 1941” (or Partisans 1941), dedicated to the Great Patriotic War, will go on sale worldwide on October 14th. The game is currently in closed beta testing, which will last until September 21. On its basis, final edits will be made before the premiere.


Along with the announcement, a brisk trailer was presented with a cut of the gameplay of this curious game, which is reminiscent of the classic projects of the Commandos series from Pogo Games or the creations of the Mimimi Games studio-like Desperados III or Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. However, it also offers resource management, guerrilla unit and base development, and other features.

According to the plot “Partisans 1941”, a prisoner of war and a Red Army commander Alexei Zorin escaped from a Nazi concentration camp and joined a group of partisans fighting against the invaders. Players will have to recruit unique heroes from among soldiers and civilians to complete a variety of tasks – from targeted sabotage to massive attacks on German supply lines in preparation for a front-line offensive in order to buy extra time for the defenders of Leningrad.

Between sorties, you need to expand and improve the camp in order to improve your troops. To successfully fight the invaders, you will have to reconnoiter the situation, find the best position for the attack, and carefully control the course of the battle, effectively using the tactical pause. The game promises to show the life of the partisans, in which the constant companions were cold, hunger, wounds, although there were moments of joy. Often, you have to make a difficult choice: for example, to help peaceful people, but give your position to the enemy.

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The project is being created on the Unreal Engine, the declared duration of the storyline campaign will be 20-25 hours (excluding secondary missions). In April last year, the developers showed the gameplay “Partizan 1941”, then talked about the state of affairs and plans for the development of the project, and in August last year, they presented a video with answers to players’ questions. Originally, “Partisans 1941” was planned to be released on PC in December last year, but then the game was moved.

“Partisans 1941” will be available only on Steam – nothing has been reported about the possibility of an exit on consoles. I think this will depend on the success of the PC game.

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