EA Sports FC 24 Scores a Goal on Xbox Game Pass Today


Calling all football fans and Xbox Game Pass subscribers! Get ready to lace up your virtual cleats because EA Sports FC 24 is joining the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass libraries today! This highly anticipated title marks the first major release from EA Sports FC following their breakaway from the longstanding FIFA partnership.

EA Sports FC 24 Scores
EA Sports FC 24 Scores

A Fresh Start for Football Fans

The name change might have caused a stir initially, but EA Sports FC 24 has proven to be a smash hit. Released in September 2023, the game quickly rose to the top of sales charts worldwide, demonstrating the enduring popularity of virtual football. This success underscores the passionate player base who crave the thrill of replicating real-world football on the digital pitch.

Euro 2024 Fever Heats Up with New Mode

With the UEFA European Football Championship (Euro 2024) in full swing, EA perfectly timed the arrival of EA Sports FC 24 on Xbox Game Pass. To further immerse players in the electrifying atmosphere of the tournament, the studio released a dedicated Euro 2024 mode in early June. This exciting addition allows fans to recreate their favorite matchups, lead their national teams to glory and experience the drama of the Euros firsthand.

What to Expect in EA Sports FC 24

Here’s a breakdown of what awaits you in EA Sports FC 24:

  • Unparalleled Authenticity: The game boasts official licensing for major clubs, leagues, and players, delivering an authentic football experience. Expect to see your favorite stars recreated in stunning detail, alongside real-world stadiums and kits.
  • Enhanced Gameplay: EA Sports FC 24 pushes the boundaries of football simulation with refined gameplay mechanics. Experience a more fluid and responsive playing style, improved ball physics, and intelligent AI opponents that will challenge your skills on the virtual pitch.
  • Deep Career Mode: Dive into the world of football management with a comprehensive career mode. Take the reins of your favorite club, build a champion squad through transfers and academy development, and lead them to domestic and international glory.
  • Immersive Online Modes: Challenge your friends and the global community in various online modes. Compete in ranked seasons, form a club with your buddies in Pro Clubs, or test your skills in the ever-popular Ultimate Team mode, where you build your dream team through pack openings and transfers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to play EA Sports FC 24?

You can access EA Sports FC 24 through either Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or PC Game Pass subscriptions.

Is there a separate purchase for the Euro 2024 mode?

No, the Euro 2024 mode is a free update included in the base game for all Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Will EA Sports FC continue without FIFA?

Absolutely! The success of EA Sports FC 24 demonstrates the continued demand for a high-quality football simulation experience. With their brand established, we can expect further installments and innovative features in the future.