UFL Gears Up for Round Two: Open Beta Returns in August 2024


Calling all football fanatics! Buckle up because UFL, the ambitious football simulator aiming to shake up the virtual pitch, is gearing up for its second open beta test this summer. This is your chance to get a taste of the action before launch and directly influence the game’s development with your feedback.

UFL Gears Up for Round Two
UFL Gears Up for Round Two

UFL: A Fresh Challenger in the Football Arena

Developed by Strikerz Inc., a studio with Belarusian roots now based in Cyprus, UFL has boldly announced itself as a competitor to established giants like EA SPORTS FC and eFootball. The game promises a unique and innovative approach to football simulation, offering a fresh alternative for players seeking a new experience.

Open Beta: More Than Just Early Access

The upcoming UFL open beta isn’t just about getting a sneak peek at the final product. It’s your opportunity to actively shape the game’s future. Participating in the beta allows you to:

  • Test New Features: Strikerz Inc. has undoubtedly been hard at work since the first beta, implementing improvements and adding new features based on player feedback. The open beta gives you a chance to experience these changes firsthand and see how they impact the gameplay.
  • Provide Valuable Feedback: Your voice matters! By playing the beta and sharing your honest feedback, you can directly influence the game’s development. Let the developers know what you like, and dislike, and where you see room for improvement. This feedback is crucial in shaping the final product and ensuring a polished, enjoyable experience for everyone.
  • Get a Head Start: Open beta participants get a valuable head start on the competition. By familiarizing yourself with the game’s mechanics, controls, and features early on, you’ll be well-prepared to dominate when the full game releases.
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What to Expect in the UFL Open Beta

While specific details about the beta content haven’t been revealed yet, we can glean some insights based on the previous testing phase and the information available:

  • Core Gameplay: Expect to experience the core mechanics of UFL, including passing, shooting, dribbling, and tackling. Get a feel for the game’s physics engine and how it translates to realistic on-field action.
  • Multiplayer Focus: Previous reports suggest UFL will primarily focus on online multiplayer experiences. The open beta might offer a chance to test online matchmaking, play against friends, or participate in online tournaments.
  • Customization Options: UFL may allow you to personalize your team and players to some extent. The beta could offer a glimpse into potential customization options for kits, logos, player appearances, or even tactics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms will the UFL open beta be available on?

While specifics haven’t been confirmed, the first beta was available on Xbox Series X/S. We can expect similar availability for the upcoming test, but potential PC or PlayStation access remains to be seen. Keep an eye on official channels for updates.

Do I need to pre-register for the open beta?

Registration information is currently unavailable. However, you can likely expect pre-registration to open closer to the beta launch date. Follow UFL’s official channels for further updates.

What happens after the open beta?

Following the open beta, Strikerz Inc. will use the collected player feedback to further refine and polish the game. They will likely address identified issues and bugs, and potentially incorporate well-received suggestions from the beta participants.

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When is the full game expected to be released?

Exact release details haven’t been confirmed yet. However, rumors suggest a potential release sometime in late summer or early fall of 2024, with the open beta serving as a pre-launch testing and hype-building opportunity.