Electric hummer: May presentation has been postponed


The debut of the awaited electric Hummer has been postponed. Originally, the launch of the new model was scheduled for May 20, but problems caused by the dangerous virus forced the manufacturer to change its plans. The announcement is not surprising, however. A few days ago rumours had surfaced about this possibility. The good news, apparently, is that there should be no major delays in the arrival of the battery-powered pickup, always set for the autumn of 2021.

Electric hummer

The development work is also going on and at this point, it will only be necessary to understand when General Motors intends to officially present the new Hummer. Given the health situation, it is highly probable that the presentation will take place in digital form, but certainly, more will be learned on this issue over the next few months. At the same time as the announcement, the band shared a new short video in which the new pickup is “seen” from above. A movie that, however, does not help much to understand the characteristics of this expected electric car.

GMC Electric hummer

Actually, at the moment, only a few numbers are known about this model. The car will have up to 1,000 HP, in its best performing version, and will be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (96 Km / h) in 3 seconds. All that remains is to wait patiently for the next news from the American brand.

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