Nvidia Shield TV Pro will be available soon, delays caused by the coronavirus


NVIDIA Shield TV Pro will be back soon. To declare it is the producer himself with an intervention on the official forum. The new version of the popular Android TV set-top box, launched last year with various additions including Dolby Vision (HERE all the details are available), has long been unavailable more or less around the world.

The prolonged lack of stock in the warehouses led many retailers to report the product not only as “not available” but in some cases as “no longer on the market”. The choice for interesting users was therefore practically mandatory: wait for communications from NVIDIA or opt for the cylindrical model (HERE our review) with some renunciations on the side of the technical characteristics.

Shield TV Pro
Shield TV Pro

NVIDIA’s declaration, therefore, served to actually clarify, also in view of future purchases. The message written on the forum reads as follows:

Shield TV Pro 2019 is not out of business. Production was affected by the pandemic but has resumed and units are traveling to partners around the world. Some of our partners report the products as “no longer on the market” when they do not have a certain date for availability and this was precisely the situation caused by the pandemic, but rest assured, the device is not out of production and will soon be available again.



  1. I sure hope so I barely got mines from bestbuy website I got lucky I kept checking every other day then I saw they had one so I hurry up and put it in my cart online a paid for it this nvidia shield pro is very nice I love everything about it I have the roku ultra after seeing what the nvidia shield pro done I deleted all my information off the roku ultra and replaced it with the nvidia shield pro which I love both but the nvidia shield pro was the best for me I heard other people’s online saying not to buy the nvidia shield pro I didn’t listen to them I read other reviews and brought it I want to buy another for my daughter so she can play games on it so please get more shipments in thank you.


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