EMUI 10 finally arrives on the popular Honor V10 smartphone


Last updated on May 1st, 2023 at 07:48 pm

Added many features of modern flagships

The Honor V10 smartphone, which was introduced in 2017, received the final version of the update to the EMUI 10 proprietary shell.

The firmware description refers to the simultaneous operation on multiple screens. Having established a connection with a Huawei laptop, you can drag and drop files to both devices, use the keyboard for faster and more efficient editing.

Honor V10
Honor V10

The multi-screen function also allows users to directly open and edit files on the phone. After editing, the new file will be available at the original location on the phone. In addition, the update allows you to display reminders on the screen of your MateBook X Pro laptop.

Intelligent charging mode has also been added, this function can prevent “overcharging” of our phone. This, in turn, saves battery life.

This update comes with the April patch of the security system of the Android operating system.

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