Escape the Heat and Embrace the Swedish “Colocation”


For decades, summer vacations were synonymous with basking on scorching beaches and soaking up the sun. However, a new trend is emerging, driven by a growing desire for cooler climes and a more relaxed travel experience. Enter “Coolcationing,” a travel phenomenon placing Sweden at the forefront of summer getaways.

Sunburnt and Restless? Sweden Offers the Perfect Colocation

Travelers are increasingly seeking destinations offering pleasant temperatures, scenic landscapes, and a laid-back atmosphere. This shift is a direct response to the record-breaking heat waves witnessed in recent years. As Rick Jordan, a travel writer for Condé Nast Traveler (a leading travel magazine), aptly points out, vacationers are prioritizing comfort and a chance to truly unwind.

Escape the Heat and Embrace the Swedish
Escape the Heat and Embrace the Swedish

Sweden, along with its Nordic neighbors, is perfectly positioned to capitalize on this trend. The country boasts stunning natural beauty, and moderate summer temperatures averaging between 20-25°C (68-77°F) in the south, with occasional highs reaching around 30°C (86°F). Unlike traditional sun-drenched destinations, Sweden offers a refreshing escape from the heat, allowing visitors to fully enjoy outdoor activities without succumbing to scorching temperatures.

The allure of Sweden extends beyond its comfortable climate. The country’s idyllic archipelagos, dotted with picturesque islands like Gotland and Öland, offer a haven of tranquility. These island paradises boast minimal rainfall, making them ideal for beach lovers seeking pristine coastlines and crystal-clear waters. For those venturing further inland, Sweden’s mountainous regions provide a welcome respite, with valleys offering a cooler microclimate and stunning vistas.

Sweden’s Allure Stretches Beyond the Thermometer

A recent study by underscores the growing importance of climate change considerations in travel decisions. Over half (51%) of respondents indicated a preference for cooler destinations for their 2024 summer holidays. This trend aligns perfectly with Sweden’s unique offerings. The study further highlights the desire for water-based activities, with 75% of respondents finding proximity to water inherently relaxing. Sweden’s abundance of lakes, archipelagos, and extensive coastline caters perfectly to this yearning for aquatic escapes.

The UK travel market exemplifies this shift towards “Coolcationing” in Sweden. Searches for Sweden from British travelers have witnessed a staggering 21% increase between 2019 and 2023 (source: Google). British holidaymakers are particularly drawn to Sweden’s unique island getaways, innovative accommodation options like treehouses and ice hotels, and the emphasis on holistic wellness experiences. Searches for Swedish island vacations have skyrocketed by 66% in 2023 compared to the previous year, with beaches also experiencing a significant rise in popularity (up 39.5%). These statistics paint a clear picture: British travelers are increasingly seeking the tranquility and natural beauty Sweden offers.

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Beyond the Numbers: Sweden’s Colocation Appeal in Action

The growing interest in Swedish “Coolcations” is reflected in the rise of overnight stays in regions boasting proximity to water bodies. Skåne, a southern province famed for its 400 km (249 miles) of coastline, abundant sunshine, and pristine swimming spots, has seen a 6% increase in foreign overnight stays compared to 2019. Dalarna, home to the majestic 40 km (25 miles) long Lake Siljan, has witnessed an impressive 11% rise in foreign visitors opting for overnight stays. Similar trends are evident in Kalmar, a coastal town on the Baltic Sea, and the popular island of Öland, with a combined increase of 12% in foreign overnight stays. Even Blekinge, with its charming archipelago landscape, has experienced an 8% increase in foreign guest nights compared to 2019.

The surge in foreign tourism extends beyond southern and central Sweden. Norrbotten, Sweden’s northeasternmost province bordering Finland, is experiencing a rising tide of international visitors. This region boasts seemingly endless summer days, four archipelagos, and breathtaking natural landscapes. The growing popularity of Norrbotten highlights the broad appeal of Sweden’s “cool” water destinations, encompassing extensive coastlines, serene lakes, and captivating archipelagos.

Sweden: A Nature Lover’s Paradise

Sweden’s natural beauty is a magnetic draw for travelers seeking a refreshing escape from the urban sprawl. Lush greenery, vibrant wildflowers, and a staggering 100,000 lakes create a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Hikers can explore countless trails, while water sports enthusiasts can kayak, canoe, or boat across the pristine lakes and archipelagos.

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