Etraveli Group and Amadeus Team Up: A Powerful Alliance for Streamlined Travel Distribution


The travel industry is undergoing a transformative shift, driven by innovative technologies like New Distribution Capability (NDC). This collaboration between Etraveli Group, a leading global technology provider for flights, and Amadeus, a travel technology giant, signifies a significant step towards a more efficient and traveler-centric booking experience. Let’s delve deeper into this strategic partnership and explore its implications for the travel industry.

Etraveli Group and Amadeus Team Up
Etraveli Group and Amadeus Team Up

A Long-Standing Partnership Extended

Amadeus and Etraveli Group have enjoyed a successful partnership for years. This renewed agreement reinforces their commitment to collaboration, solidifying Amadeus as Etraveli Group’s primary source for NDC content. NDC is a game-changer, allowing airlines to offer richer and more personalized content directly to travel sellers like Etraveli Group. This translates to a wider selection of travel options for travelers, including ancillary services like baggage fees, seat selection, or preferred meals.

Benefits for Etraveli Group

Etraveli Group stands to gain several advantages from this extended partnership:

  • Enhanced Content Offering: Expanding its use of Amadeus’ NDC content allows Etraveli Group to offer a more diverse and competitive selection of flight options to its customers. This includes access to airlines’ special offers, bundled packages, and other personalized services.
  • Improved Search and Servicing: Amadeus’ technology solutions empower Etraveli Group to refine their search functionality and streamline customer service processes. This translates to a smoother and more efficient booking experience for travelers using Etraveli Group’s platforms, including flights, Mytrip, GoToGate, and Flight Network.
  • Increased Ticket Sales Potential: By offering a wider range of travel options and a seamless booking experience, Etraveli Group can potentially attract more customers and increase ticket sales for its travel partners, including airlines.
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A Shared Vision: The Power of a Unified Marketplace

This partnership goes beyond simply providing NDC content. Both companies are committed to a joint strategic initiative – the creation of a unified marketplace. This platform aims to:

  • Centralize Travel Content: Travel sellers like Etraveli Group will have access to a one-stop shop for diverse travel content, encompassing NDC offerings from airlines, traditional Electronic Data Interchange (EDIFACT) data, and potentially other Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This eliminates the need for sellers to navigate multiple channels, streamlining the content-sourcing process.
  • Empower Travel Sellers: The unified marketplace empowers travel sellers with greater flexibility and control over the content they offer. They can curate a selection of travel options that best suit the needs of their customer base, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction.
  • Traveler Choice: Travelers benefit from an unparalleled selection of flights, airlines, and add-on services. This allows them to tailor their travel experience to their specific preferences, budget, and travel style.

Quotes from Industry Leaders

Mathias Hedlund, Chief Executive of Etraveli Group:

“We are delighted to work with Amadeus as our preferred technology partner. This long-term collaboration has created significant value for both partners, and we believe Amadeus has the scale, ambition, and capability to provide the solutions we need to drive our market share in the coming years.”

Sam Abdou, Executive Vice President Global Sales, Airline IT, Distribution, and Global Online Travel Agencies at Amadeus:

“Amadeus has continued to grow its leading position as an air content distributor to the global OTA market with a series of milestone partnerships. Today, we are proud to extend our partnership with Etraveli Group, including content sourcing and the rollout of NDC-enabled content. This is a true endorsement of our commitment to creating an unmatched marketplace where travel sellers can easily connect to the most comprehensive content from across the travel ecosystem and offer exceptional choices for travelers.”

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Beyond the Partnership: A Look at Etraveli Group

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Etraveli Group is a global powerhouse in the travel technology sector. With a workforce exceeding 3,800 employees across nine offices worldwide, they provide innovative solutions for travelers and travel partners alike. Their reach extends across continents, with offices in Canada, Greece, India, Poland, and Uruguay. Their commitment to innovation and collaboration with industry leaders like Amadeus positions them to remain at the forefront of the travel technology landscape.