P&O Cruises’ Flagship, Britannia, Sails Anew After Multi-Million Pound Refit


P&O Cruises’ beloved flagship, Britannia, has recently emerged from a multi-million-pound revitalization project, setting sail from Southampton to the delight of eager passengers. This extensive makeover, completed earlier in April 2024, precedes Britannia’s highly anticipated 10th-anniversary celebration cruise in 2025.

A Refreshing Transformation: Enhanced Ambiance Awaits

The refurbishment encompasses a comprehensive refresh, encompassing public spaces, guest suites, cabins, and crew areas. Passengers can expect a revitalized color palette throughout the ship, creating a more vibrant and contemporary atmosphere. Both public spaces and private quarters have received this aesthetic upgrade, ensuring a consistently elevated experience for all guests.

P&O Cruises' Flagship
P&O Cruises’ Flagship

Furthermore, the project has facilitated an expansion of the Loyalty and Cruise Sales area, streamlining guest services and enhancing convenience for both existing P&O Cruises loyalists and potential new customers. Additionally, the popular Market Café has undergone improvements, offering an expanded selection of dining options and a more inviting ambiance.

Inspired by Innovation: Borrowing Brilliance from Iona and Arvia

Drawing inspiration from the success of P&O Cruises’ latest vessels, Iona and Arvia, the renovation brings a touch of their distinctive design flair to Britannia. The iconic Sunset Bar has been transformed with a warm and inviting new color scheme, complemented by an increase in available seating. This popular venue promises to be an even more comfortable and stylish space for guests to unwind and enjoy stunning ocean views.

Sweet Treats and Interactive Fun: Delectable Enhancements for All Ages

The Market Café will now feature delectable first at sea – delectable gelato-filled doughnuts from the renowned luxury brand, Snowflake. These delightful treats, offered in a variety of enticing flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, sea-salted caramel, praline, and vanilla, are sure to be a hit with passengers of all ages. Imagine a freshly baked doughnut bursting with creamy Snowflake gelato, then adorned with your choice of three delectable toppings – a truly indulgent experience guaranteed to tantalize taste buds.

The renovation also promises a delightful surprise for younger guests. The children’s splash area will receive a colorful upgrade, featuring interactive water features that will provide hours of entertainment for young adventurers. This playful addition caters to families and ensures that children will have endless fun aboard the revitalized Britannia.

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A Celebration Awaits: Britannia’s 10th Anniversary Cruise

P&O Cruises President, Paul Ludlow, emphasizes the significance of this revitalization project, particularly in light of Britannia’s upcoming milestone. “Britannia is our flagship,” Mr. Ludlow states, “and with her 10th-anniversary celebration cruise next summer, we know the importance of ensuring the ship looks its absolute best to deliver an elevated experience for our new and loyal guests.”

Embark on a Voyage of Discovery: Exploring the British Isles

The celebratory 10th-anniversary cruise sets sail from Southampton on June 6th, 2025. This enchanting itinerary will take passengers on a captivating exploration of the British Isles (B514). Ports of call will include Edinburgh (Newhaven), Kirkwall, Stornoway, Belfast, an overnight stay in Liverpool, and Cork (Cobh). Prices start from a very reasonable £1,099 per person, based on double occupancy in an inside cabin.

P&O Cruises plans to reveal further details about the celebratory cruise closer to the sailing date. These details are likely to include exciting guest entertainers, special programs, and other delightful surprises designed to make this voyage a truly unforgettable experience for all participants.

P&O Cruises: A Commitment to Unforgettable Experiences

The revitalization of Britannia exemplifies P&O Cruises’ unwavering commitment to providing guests with exceptional experiences. By continuously investing in its fleet and offering innovative onboard amenities, P&O Cruises ensures that its passengers can enjoy the highest standards of comfort, service, and entertainment. Whether embarking on a celebratory voyage like Britannia’s 10th-anniversary cruise or exploring a variety of global destinations on board their other vessels, P&O Cruises offers unforgettable memories for discerning travelers worldwide.

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