European Tour Operators: Get Ready for the Evolving Asian Travel Wave!


As the Arival 360 Conference in Berlin approaches, industry leaders from Asia sound a clarion call to their European counterparts: prepare for a surge of Asian travelers with vastly different expectations than pre-pandemic tourists. Here’s how European tour operators can adapt and win over this lucrative market:

Arival 360 Conference Berlin

Understanding the Shift: Asian Travelers with New Desires

Gone are the days of cookie-cutter tours catering to a generic “Asian market.” Today’s Asian travelers are a diverse group with unique needs and preferences. Embracing this new reality is crucial for European tour operators seeking to attract this high-potential segment.

Tip 1: Respectful Personalization – Embrace Cultural Nuances

Taka Mitamura, Director of Global Communications at Veltra, emphasizes the importance of cultural sensitivity. Partnering with local experts from relevant Asian markets can unlock valuable insights into specific behaviors and preferences. Offering themed tours or experiences tailored to regional interests further personalizes the experience, fostering respect and engagement.

Tip 2: Hyper-Localization – Beyond Language Translations

Ricky So, Chief Commercial Officer of Pelago, advises against treating Asia as a monolith. Targeting specific countries is key, and localization goes beyond language barriers. Understanding and catering to diverse food preferences, transportation needs, and payment options are crucial for a seamless experience.

Tip 3: Social Media Savvy – Connect with Localized Communities

So further stresses the importance of utilizing the right social media platforms frequented by your target audience. Partnering with local tourism boards and online travel agents can amplify your reach and build trust within specific communities. Remember, successful expansion requires deliberate targeting and tailored marketing efforts.

Arival 360 Conference: Tools and Resources for Adapting

This year’s Arival 360 conference aims to equip European tour operators with the tools they need. The popular Attractions Forum, brought to Europe for the first time, will address key issues like technology, over-tourism, and crafting successful guest experiences for a diverse clientele.

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Don’t Miss Out: Join the Conversation

The Arival 360 Conference takes place at the Estrel Berlin on March 2-4, 2024. Whether you’re a seasoned tour operator or just starting your venture into the Asian market, attending this event will provide valuable insights and connections to help you navigate this exciting, evolving travel landscape.


Q: What are the key differences between pre-pandemic and post-pandemic Asian travelers?

A: Today’s Asian travelers seek more personalized, culturally specific experiences and utilize social media heavily for research and booking.

Q: What are some specific cultural nuances to consider?

A: Dietary preferences, payment options, and communication styles can vary greatly across different Asian countries. Researching specific cultural norms is crucial.

Q: How can I find local partners to help me understand the Asian market?

A: Partnering with local tourism boards, online travel agencies, and experts can provide valuable insights and connections. Attending industry events like Arival 360 can also be helpful.

Q: What are the benefits of attending the Arival 360 Conference?

A: The conference offers networking opportunities, educational sessions, and access to industry experts, helping you prepare for the evolving Asian travel market.

Q: Where can I learn more about the conference?

A: Visit the Arival 360 Conference website for registration and detailed information on speakers, sessions, and the Attractions Forum.

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