Riyadh Air Soars with Sabre: Optimizing Routes and Revenue for a Smooth Takeoff


Riyadh Air, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s newest national airline, has announced a strategic partnership with Sabre, a leading travel technology provider. This collaboration marks a significant step towards enhancing operational efficiency and maximizing revenue potential for Riyadh Air as it prepares for its maiden flight in 2025.


Empowering Informed Decisions with Cutting-edge Technology

Through Sabre’s end-to-end Network Planning and Optimization solutions, Riyadh Air gains access to advanced tools and data that will inform critical decisions regarding its network design, demand forecasting, and scheduling. This comprehensive suite empowers collaborative, intelligent decision-making, ensuring the airline can:

  • Optimize network design: Create and refine its route network based on accurate data and insights, ensuring profitability and meeting passenger demands.
  • Accurately forecast demand: Gain insights into future travel trends to strategically allocate resources and maximize revenue opportunities.
  • Profitably schedule and allocate capacity: Effectively manage flight schedules and aircraft utilization to ensure efficiency and optimal returns.

A Suite of Powerful Tools for Success

Riyadh Air has chosen a comprehensive suite of Sabre solutions to achieve its strategic goals:

  • Sabre Schedule Manager: Optimizes schedule development from planning to distribution, maximizing aircraft utilization and increasing revenue potential.
  • Sabre Slot Manager: Automates the slot management process, ensuring efficient allocation of critical airport slots for smooth operations.
  • Sabre Profit Manager: Delivers accurate demand forecasting with an average revenue increase of up to 2%, enabling profitable network planning and optimal hub structure design.
  • Sabre Market Intelligence – GDD: Provides robust market data and advanced analysis capabilities, identifying new revenue opportunities and enhancing competitive advantage.

Collaboration Fueled by Shared Vision

Both Riyadh Air and Sabre express their commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology for sustainable growth and improved efficiency. Vincent Coste, Chief Commercial Officer at Riyadh Air, emphasizes the value of Sabre’s solutions in making informed decisions and enhancing the overall passenger experience. Garry Wiseman, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Sabre Travel Solutions, highlights the proven track record of their Network Planning and Optimization suite in transforming commercial planning for airlines globally.

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FAQs: Your Questions Answered

Q: What are the key benefits of this partnership for Riyadh Air?

A: Improved operational efficiency, increased revenue potential, data-driven decision-making, and enhanced passenger experience.

Q: What specific problems does Sabre’s technology solve for airlines?

A: Inefficient network design, inaccurate demand forecasting, unprofitable scheduling, and complex slot management.

Q: How does this partnership benefit the travel industry as a whole?

A: It promotes innovation, efficiency, and competition, ultimately leading to a better travel experience for all.

Q: What other airlines use Sabre’s Network Planning and Optimization solutions?

A: More than 90 global airlines, including prominent carriers worldwide.

Q: Where can I learn more about this partnership?

A: Visit the websites of Riyadh Air and Sabre for press releases and further information.

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